Funerals are not just a ceremony to honor those who have died. Funerals are also an important ritual that helps survivors start dealing with their loss by sharing with those around them. Participating in a funeral can be a therapeutic act that actually starts the healing process.

Benefits of a Traditional Funeral

Assists in taking the first steps in the grief process by reinforcing the reality of death

Provides an opportunity to express feelings of grief

Encourages sharing of memories that celebrate and validate the life of the deceased

Provides support for friends and family and acknowledges the loss within the community

Creates a forum to share spiritual values and beliefs

Allows mourners a structured activity during a disorienting time

Serves as a rite of passage and an important social ritual

Funeral Services can be personalized to honor the deceased and facilitate the grieving process. There are so many ways to personalize this ritual for a deceased or as part of the pre-planning process from memorial folders, videos, unique caskets or urns to special music.

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