4 Funeral Traditions From Around the World

Monday, October 7, 2019

You feel a mixture of emotions as you go through the motions of planning your loved one's funeral. Like many other mourners, you plan to fully celebrate your loved one's life. However, you'll still be dressing in black on the day of the funeral.

In other areas of the globe, though, people who have lost loved ones have very different funeral traditions. In many of these cultures, wearing black isn't in the equation. And the deceased are celebrated in ways that you may have never expected.

After all, in these cultures, the belief is that death doesn't mark the end of life.

Here's a rundown on some funeral traditions from around the world that may make you view death a little differently going forward.

Let's dig in!

1. Funeral Traditions in South Korea

In this country, people who are buried must be removed from their graves after six decades for space reasons.

As a result, cremation is becoming increasingly popular in Korea.

However, instead of receiving ashes of their loved ones, many surviving family members are opting for "death beads." These beads are created when their loved ones' remains are compressed into black, turquoise, or pink beads. Then, the beads are displayed in their homes.

2. Tibet and Mongolia

Vajrayana Buddhists generally believe that when a person dies, their soul will move on. Meanwhile, their body turns into an unoccupied vessel.

They try to return the soul to Earth by chopping the body into several pieces and then placing them on the top of a mountain.

3. Ghana

In this nation, people strive to have their dead bodies placed in coffins that reflect their passions or work.

So, in Ghana, you may see a "fantasy coffin" that looks like a fancy car for a well-to-do business owner. Or you could see a Bible-shaped coffin for a person who enjoyed attending church.

4. New Orleans

In this famous Louisiana city, funerals display a combination of grief and joy, with marching bands leading mourners in funeral processions.

The bands start out playing sad dirges but then are more upbeat in their playing after the bodies have been buried. The funeral processions essentially fuse African-American, West African, and French funeral traditions.

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