The Backstory and Meaning Behind Popular Funeral Plants

Monday, November 4, 2019

When a friend or loved one passes away, the funeral is a chance for everybody to say goodbye. 

Did you know the average cost of a funeral can run upwards of $10,000? That shows how important it is to say goodbye properly. Flowers are a key part of any service, from remembrance to burial or cremation. 

Yet, there is more to funeral plants than just about getting a nice bouquet or arrangement from a florist. Different flowers are used for different purposes and each has its own meaning and history. 

Keep reading to learn about how certain flowers came to be associated with funerals and paying your finals respects. 


The lily is the most common and well known of all flowers for funeral or remembrance services. 

When looking at flower color meanings the white lily is one that conveys both a message of sympathy but also purity and innocence. 

The backstory of the lily and its emergence as one of the most recognizable funeral plants is that it represents how the soul of the departed as had its innocence returned to it. 


Roses are a classic flower and are associated with all manner of occasions. The important thing to remember when giving a rose is the flower color meanings and the message you are trying to convey. 

Traditionally, a red rose is given to express love and respect, while crimson represents sorrow and grief. Yellow roses are given as a symbol of friendship and are a way of telling those that are grieving you are there for them. 

Rather than being used in bunches, you can always gift a single rose, or add a single rose to a different bouquet, as this is a way of expressing your love for the departed.  


Orchids are a flower that is used to express feelings of love and support. When looking at the best flowers for grief, then you need to pay attention to the color orchid you choose. White and Pink are the best options as these colors represent sympathy. 

It is more common to give an orchid plant as opposed to a single flower. This adds a message of support to the recipient, as a plant will last longer than a single flower, and act as a reassuring presence after the funeral has finished. 

It's Important to Choose the Right Funeral Plants

While certain flowers are used for certain reasons, there is one key component that always needs to be considered. The personal preferences and wishes of the family and deceased.

Maybe they were fond of a particular plant, or there was a strong emotional history to a certain flower. This should be the first consideration when choosing the right funeral plants for services. 

Having a plan and everything in place will help ensure that not only is everything covered and arranged, but offers peace of mind for those left behind. Affording them the time and space to grieve. Get in touch with us today to talk about how you can go about making arrangements for when the time comes.

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