Cremation Cost: Comprehensive Breakdown of Its Price in 2019

Monday, November 11, 2019

62% of consumers surveyed said that making their funeral wishes known is important, but only 21% had done so.

Do you and your loved ones avoid the topic of final expenses?

The cost of cremation may not come up in polite conversation, but you might be wondering...How much does cremation cost?

Pre-planning a funeral has its benefits even though it's not something about which many people want to think. It will give you peace of mind and maybe save you some money in the end.

You'll be able to compare cremation cost to other options when you are not under pressure of making a decision. 

Finding out the wishes of your loved one ahead of time is always a benefit. If their wish is a cremation, you'll learn that this is a more affordable option. Let's look at the average cost of cremation as we break it down. 

Cremation Cost: The Breakdown

How much is cremation? The cost can vary greatly depending on the provider, the container or urn, and the area in which you live. Cremation is normally less expensive than a traditional burial. 

What is the Cost of Cremation?

There are various costs that come with cremation. Are you having a memorial service? Are you using the services of a funeral director and staff? Let's look at the average you can expect to spend on cremation. 

Fees Related to the Cremation

  • You can figure $269 for processing.
  • $375 for use of the crematory and a staff member to witness the cremation
  • The actual cremation cost is around $360.
  • The delivery of the remains is approximately $150.

Viewing and Other Costs

A large chunk of the expense is the viewing. The funeral director and staff costs will be around $1000 for basic services. Other costs include a climate-controlled holding facility and transportation which can add up to another $700.

So, for a cremation with a viewing, you can expect to spend $2700-$2800.

Direct Cremation

When a body is taken directly to the crematory without embalming, a funeral, visitation or viewing, this is a direct cremation. A direct cremation can cost between $1000 and $2000. 

If you deal directly with the crematory and do not enlist the services of a funeral home, you will still have some fees though they will be less expensive than the funeral home. These fees include the death certificate and pickup and transportation of the body to the crematory. 

Know the Fees

A lot of funeral homes will offer a package price. Make sure that you know what is included and the cost breakdown. Because the actual cremation is carried out at the crematory, that may be a separate cost. Verify whether that is included in the package price. 

Final Expenses and Funeral Plans

Now that you know how much cremation cost, you can begin to plan for yours or a loved one's funeral and final expenses. Did you find this information helpful?

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