How to Plan a Beautiful Graveside Service That Honors Your Loved One

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Have you lost a loved one? Want to plan a beautiful graveside service to honor them, but feeling overwhelmed with stress or grief?

Planning every aspect of a funeral isn’t easy. It can be emotionally draining and difficult. That’s why we’re here to help make the process as simple as possible for you.

In this article, we’re sharing tips on how to plan a beautiful graveside service. So you can provide family and friends with a space to say goodbye to your loved one without stressing too much over the logistics.

What is a Graveside Service?

A graveside service is a type of funeral service held at the gravesite of the cemetery. It can happen after a traditional funeral or serve as a stand-alone event and be done for burials as well as interment of remains.

It’s often conducted by a member of the clergy or by a funeral director, but it can also be conducted by a friend or family member.

This option is well suited for people looking to plan a small ceremony as it incorporates many of the elements of a standard funeral. It’s also often chosen because it is more affordable than a funeral and agnostic of any specific church affiliation.

It can also be a beautiful option for people who want an intimate, no-frills way to say goodbye to their loved one, although it can also be open to all.

How to Plan of a Graveside Service

When planning a graveside service, there are generally 4 elements you should know about. Here is a breakdown of each that can help you plan the service.

Find a Conductor

As mentioned above, the conductor of the graveside service is generally a member of the church. It can also be a family member or friend. This person takes a lead on the service proceedings and makes sure prayers and readings are prepared ahead of time.

Prepare the Eulogy

The eulogy is a speech that honors the deceased. It’s usually presented by a family member or friend who was close to the person who passed away. A eulogy is often a story that celebrates the person who passed away and demonstrates the type of person they were while away.

Eulogies can be beautiful, but they can often add unintentional stress to the person asked to prepare one. If you’ve been asked to deliver one, here are some eulogy tips to help you prepare one.

Plan Flowers

Another important part of planning for a graveside service is arranging flowers for the event. These flowers are placed on top of the cask or displayed next to the burial site.

Many people choose white lilies for the flower arrangement because they signify spiritual rebirth. But you’re free to choose any type of flower you’d like. You can choose the deceased’s favorite flowers or ones that offer special meaning.

Organize Visitation if Needed

While this portion is not part of every graveside ceremony, people often do this to provide people with an opportunity to say a final private goodbye. During this period, everyone is given a moment with the casket so they can say final words.

Ready to Start Planning?

Losing a loved one is hard. But planning a graveside service doesn't have to be. By reviewing the tips outlined in this article, you can take some of the guesswork and stress out of planning, and host a beautiful service that honors your loved one.

Need to plan but not sure where to start? Let us help you start planning online today.

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