How to Plan and Write a Successful Funeral Invitation

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Each year, more than two million funerals take place in the United States. While it's a process we may not envision planning, it's important to remember a funeral is a time to celebrate a person's life with those who loved them most.

As you plan arrangements — such as a time and place or respecting any previously made requests from the deceased — you'll also need to craft an invitation to notify those you wish to invite to the memorial service.

Finding these words can take time and reflection. With the right planning, however, you can create a funeral invitation that celebrates a person's life in a touching, yet simple way. Keep reading to learn more about how to create a well-written funeral invitation.

Finding the Right Words

The purpose of a funeral invitation is to formally notify those of a person's passing and provide details about the service. The invitation doesn't have to be as long or descriptive as an obituary. It's understandable if there are certain parts you wish to keep private.

There are ways to adequately disclose this information. You can use words such as "peacefully" if the passing resulted from a chronic condition, or terms like "unexpectedly" to imply an unforeseen incident.

Use the memorial service announcement to instill positivity about honoring the deceased's life. An example such as "Please join us as we celebrate the happy memories and joyful life of..." provides an uplifting message without dwelling on the sad circumstances.

Provide a specific time, date, and location and use a modest yet lively form of stationary. If comfortable, include a picture to accompany the memorial service invitation letter. This should capture the deceased in a positive moment, such as participating in a hobby, and doesn't necessarily have to be a headshot or formal photograph.

Politely Inviting People

The news of someone's passing may quickly reach others aside from family and close friends. Whether it's from an obituary or the rapid growth of social media, you may find those you haven't spoken to in a long time reaching out offering condolences.

You may understandably wish to limit a funeral to family and close friends only. Instead, you can send out celebration of life invitations. These can politely notate a private, closed funeral service is being held, but you wish to still invite them to a reception following the service.

Creating a Proper Funeral Invitation

Although a loved one may no longer be with us, there are still ways you can celebrate his or her life. A funeral invitation can serve as a loving memento to remember happier times as you pay respects.

There are no set rules or criteria for a memorial service invite. You may very well come up with creative ideas that would provide a happy smile on your loved one's face as you work toward crafting it in their memory.

Celebrating a life can be a positive experience, but planning a funeral can sometimes be stressful. Fortunately, we have the resources to help you along the way. Learn more about our services and request a consultation to see how we can assist.

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