Funeral Clothes for the Deceased: How to Pick Out the Right Outfit

Monday, December 23, 2019

When a loved one dies, the last thing you want to do is to start planning a funeral.

But while your heart aches for your dear friend or family member, you've got to get to work. From contacting a funeral home to selecting a casket, there's a lot to think about. And sometimes the last thing you think of is what they're going to wear.

How can you choose funeral clothes for the deceased? Read on for a quick guide on how to pick your loved ones final outfit.

How to Choose Funeral Clothes for the Deceased

There are no rules when it comes to burial clothes. You don't have to buy anything new unless you want to. And it doesn't have to be a traditional suit and tie.

It all depends on your loved one and what they wanted.

Some prefer formal attire. While others choose to make their loved one feel comfy by dressing them in pajamas or even their lucky jeans. Whatever you decide to dress them in, make sure to provide clean underwear, and socks or stockings too.

Make It Personal

If your loved one is in an open casket, it's very important to dress them in something personal to them. Non-traditional services are on the rise. So don't feel afraid to use their burial clothing as a tribute to them.

For example, try dressing them in their favorite outfit or their favorite color. Some even choose to dress them in a sports jersey. The aim is to choose an outfit that will capture the essence of their personality.

Consider Religious Beliefs

If the funeral is following traditional religious customs, they may need to wear a religion outfit. Some religions require specific burial clothes and hairstyles. Such as Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam.

If you're unsure, speak to the leaders of the religion to make sure what you choose is appropriate.

Including Treasured Items

In addition to burial clothing, you may include treasured personal items. For example, family photographs, sentimental jewelry, or a bible. If you want your loved one to wear a special item in the service but don't want them buried with it, tell the funeral director in advance.

There are no rules when it comes to burials, but there are limitations with cremations.

Cremation Limitations

If you've chosen cremation, there are some limitations to keep in mind. This is because there are environmental laws that restrict certain items. For example:

  • Shoes with rubber soles
  • Treated leather (boots, shoes, and biker jackets)
  • Glasses
  • Metal (jewelry, belt buckles, and piercings)

If they are having an open casket, you may choose for them to wear these items. But you must remove the clothing or accessories before the cremation.

Plan for Tomorrow

Whether it's funeral clothes for the deceased, the type of funeral or even the music played. When your loved one dies suddenly, it can be hard to make these decisions. If possible, the best thing to do is to preplan with your loved one before they pass away.

How can you preplan a funeral? Click here to find out how we can help you.

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