One Last Goodbye: The Importance of Planning Your Own Funeral

Monday, January 6, 2020

The proportion of Americans that are 65 or older has tripled in the last century. This is a good news story but it does mean that more people are having to think about their end of life preferences.

Planning your own funeral may sound morbid, but it's better than leaving your final arrangements up to your grieving friends and loved ones. Here's why.

Planning Your Own Funeral Is Kind

On your death, your family and friends are left with a complex and sensitive task at a difficult time. They will be dealing with their own emotions and responses to losing a loved one.

At the best of times, making decisions about a funeral can be difficult. While suffering shock or grief it is almost impossible. The worry about getting it wrong can be very upsetting.

Your family may agonize over whether you would have wanted a burial or cremation. They may have different opinions about how much to spend or whether to have an open casket or not. Emotions, strong feelings, and worry can cause damaging conflict.

The kind thing to do is to head off these worries and potential disputes by planning your own funeral. You will be helping ease the burden of your loved ones and allowing them to grieve knowing that they are fulfilling your wishes.

Financial Wisdom

Making plans for your own funeral means you can make provision for the costs too. Funeral insurance and pre-funding arrangements can remove the financial burden on your family and friends after you pass away.

Matching your preferences for a funeral with the financial provision needed makes it easier for those you leave behind to cope with making the arrangements.

Your Wishes Matter

After a loved one passes away, it's normal to want to follow their wishes for their funeral arrangements. Planning a funeral ahead of time allows this to happen. Your wishes are important and by stating your wishes beforehand, you can help ensure that they are followed.

You may have strong views about the place of religion in your funeral ceremony. You may also have views about music, readings and whether you wish to be buried or cremated. Your views can best be understood and followed if you plan your own funeral.

Make it Better

A funeral is a complex event. There are many decisions to be made in a short period of time. The result is that sometimes, some decisions are made in haste and later regretted.

Imagine planning any other event. A wedding or an important birthday party might involve many people and many hours of planning. Getting it right takes care and plenty of time.

A funeral is an important event. For those that are grieving, it can be an important part of their grieving process. For many people, a funeral is a celebration of the life of their friend or relative.

Advanced planning is one way of doing a better job.

It's Your Funeral

Above all else, your funeral is about you. You may wish to take care of your own affairs and take care of your funeral and your loved ones after you have gone. Planning your own funeral is an important way of doing that.

Start planning your funeral here.

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