4 Unique Memorial Service Ideas to Celebrate the Life of Your Loved One

Monday, January 27, 2020

Grieving the death of a loved one is hard. And while some find comfort in a sad and somber funeral, others would rather honor their memory with a celebration of life.

If you want to try to lighten the mood when preparing for a funeral, keep reading for some memorial service ideas that can help. 

Make It Colorful

A funeral doesn't have to have dark and dreary color schemes if you don't want it to. Adding color can help give the service a more positive essence. Start by adding the deceased's favorite colorful flowers.

You can also use their favorite color as the decor scheme. A colorful casket can reflect their personality and can be painted and decorated by either friends and family or professionals. You can even let your guests know that they don't have to wear black and invite them to wear your loved one's favorite color instead.

Create a Photo Collage or Memory Board 

Presenting photos of the deceased is a great way to remember their life and their impact on others. It's a chance for people to come together, reflect on happy times, and connect with one another. Find photos of the deceased with their loved ones and doing what they loved to best represent their lives.

You can either create this board before or during the service. Ask those attending to bring their favorite photo of the deceased, and set up double-sided tape or sticky tack so that they can add them to the collage. This will turn into a beautiful keepsake portraying some of their best memories. 

Messages of Love

Sometimes, leaving a private message for the deceased can be a great way for the living to grieve. Set up a table at the service allowing guests to write their own personal message to their loved one.

Set out a bottle that individuals can put their message into, keeping it personal and private. Send the bottle off as a group into a body of water, as if you are sending it off to the deceased.

Fireworks Ceremony 

Sending off fireworks is a great way to celebrate the life of someone who has passed. This is a great way for everyone to come together on the night of the funeral. With a sight like this, people can't help but smile and be thankful for the life of their loved one. 

If you are interested in cremation, there are specialized companies that use the ashes to create fireworks. This is a spectacular and unique way to use cremains, and it offers a grand finale to the life of someone who has touched so many. 

Memorial Service Ideas That Can Lift Your Spirits

While some individuals choose traditional memorial services, others wish to celebrate their loved one's life instead of mourning it. If you want the service to reflect celebration, try one of these unique memorial service ideas to bring some light into a trying time.  

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