How to Deal With Dying: 5 Steps to Take After a Terminal Diagnosis

Monday, February 24, 2020

There is no relateable experience in life to being diagnosed with a terminal illness. It's frightening, depressing, and even angering. It just doesn't seem fair - it doesn't seem real. 

However, there are ways to learn how to deal with dying. There are ways to cope with this life-altering news. 

Learning where to start can be difficult. But we're here to help. Follow along for some helpful advice on learning how to deal with a terminal illness.

1. Take the Necessary Time to Cope With the Diagnosis

First, understand that no one except you can understand how you feel. There will be dozens of friends and family members offering you their support, however.

Embrace their support but be okay with the fact that it may not be enough. And nothing will be until you learn to accept your situation and cope with your diagnosis.

Take your time learning how to deal with dying and all the emotions, thoughts, and feelings it entails. 

2. Talk to People

Although it may be your first instinct, it's vital that you don't start pushing people away during this time. If you need some time by yourself, of course, that's acceptable. However, it won't help you to isolate yourself away from the people who love you, nor is it fair to them.

Address the elephant in the room. Help those who care about you cope with the idea of losing you by allowing a space for conversation. More importantly, allow yourself the freedom to express everything going on in your head. 

3. Figure Out How to Make the Most of Your Remaining Time

Once you've accepted your diagnosis and what that means, you can start figuring out how to best spend your remaining time here. Some people get in as much time with friends and family as possible. Others create a bucket list and start knocking off all the things they've never taken the time to do.

Whatever you do, live the rest of your life with pure joy and love.

4. Be Bold

Naturally, learning you're going to die incites fear and regret. However, we would encourage you, at this time, to be bold and courageous. Don't allow yourself to be overcome with fear or mourning, which will only inhibit you from living the rest of your life freely.

While it may take time, learn how to move forward with your life, whether that's going to be in a hospital bed or seeking out bucket list adventures.

5. Start Planning Ahead

Finally, learning how to deal with dying means planning ahead. It may not be the most comfortable thing you've ever done, but you need to start making arrangements.

When you pass, your remaining friends and family will have enough to deal with by grieving your loss. Take some of the burdens off of them by taking care of some of the logistics yourself. This way, you'll also be able to make decisions based on what's right for you, rather than leaving it up to your loved ones to guess.

Need More Help Learning How to Deal With Dying?

No article that is written or advice that is given could ever give you the total peace of mind we wish we could leave you with. However, if you'd like more help learning how to deal with dying and assistance making some preparations, we can help. Contact us today and we can start working through this together.

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