4 Burial Alternatives You Never Thought Of

Monday, March 2, 2020

In the modern world, funerals have become expensive affairs. The average cost for the full process is about $11,000. This covers everything from the services of ministers, to transporting, to embalming and burial.

Unfortunately, money is tight for many of us, and some can't afford a typical funeral. Others can, but it may take a lot of sacrifices and compromises to do so.

Others simply don't want a traditional funeral. They're the creative type and a normal funeral seems too cliche for them.

Whether you're trying to save money or just be creative, you may want to look into burial alternatives. We'll talk about some of these alternatives in the paragraphs below.

1. Cremation

The most well-known of the burial alternatives on this list, cremation is the process of burning a body rather than burying it. The ashes are usually placed in an urn afterwards, but this isn't always the case. We'll talk more about that later.

This option costs less than burial and allows families to take home the ashes, thus keeping a piece of their loved one with them forever. However, cremation offers a lot of different possibilities, making it one of the most diverse options on this list.

2. Burial at Sea

Another method that you've probably heard of before is burial at sea. Sea burials have been around almost as long as humans have. Historians have traced the practice back to Ancient Egypt at least.

This process can be more affordable than a traditional funeral, but this isn't always the case. A lot of factors go into it, from the size of the funeral to the specifics of the burial.

To avoid damage to humans and the ecosystem, you have to get permission from the EPA and meet a set of requirements. For this reason, it may be a more difficult process than a traditional burial or cremation.

3. Donation of Body

Occasionally, people will donate their body to science. This may sound like a strange decision, but it has its upsides. The first is that you're helping medical students learn more about their trade so that they can be better at it when the time comes to deal with patients.

It's probably the most affordable funeral option you have. However, you get what you pay for. You don't have to pay for the funeral, but you also get none of the personal touches that would make up a traditional funeral.

4. Mummification

This is a far less common practice, but being a mummy is an interesting possibility. Granted, it costs at least 6 times as much as a traditional funeral.

Some choose mummification in hopes that they can eventually be revived. Others feel like it would be nice to be in a museum someday, educating others about how we lived in the 21st century. Who knows where these mummies will end up.

Burial Alternatives: A Guide

There are many different burial alternatives out there for people who decide to forego a traditional funeral. We've mentioned a few of them in the paragraphs above, but there are others out there. We encourage you to do more research if you're interested.

If you want to know more about funerals and how to deal with a loved one's passing please visit our site. We can tell you about how different countries perform funerals.

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