How to Grieve and Cope With the Death of a Sibling: 5 Helpful Tips

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Siblings share lifelong secrets, silly rivalries, unmatched loyalty, and countless moments of laughter. When you lose your brother or sister, the loss will feel profound.

This person served as your best friend before you even started choosing other companions on your own. So, how do you cope with the death of a sibling?

5 Tips for Coping with the Death of a Sibling

Life must go on after you lose somebody dear, even if it seems like it can't possibly. Keep reading for 5 coping and grieving mechanisms to help you following the loss of a sibling.

1. Openly Express Your Grief

Sibling grief often gets lost in the shuffle as people look who to take care of in a time of mourning. Sympathy and attention often go first to the spouse, parents, and children during and after the funeral.

People do not do this on purpose. Expressing your feelings will bring you out of the shadow so that you too obtain a healthy support system that will help you heal.

This is a necessary cry for help, and nothing you should feel ashamed of. Plus, talking about your emotions will allow you to feel and then release them.

2. Let Guilt Go

Sibling rivalry begins before you can even pronounce the word. You compete for everything from your parent's attention to the last pop tart.

As you grow, sometimes so do the rivalries. Recognize that this is not unusual so you can cope with the consequences of it.

Maybe you held some resentment because they always received more than you. Or, maybe you feel that you somehow left them behind in your pursuit of success. 

Either way, you cannot beat yourself up for that. Instead, focus on the highlights of your relationship and release that guilt. Rember, you feel guilty because you love them, and that is all a sibling truly needs from you.

3. Forgive Them

On the flip side, stop beating them up. Maybe you cannot let go of something they did to you in life, or possibly you feel anger for the way that they died.

Your anger will hinder your ability to heal. Once you forgive them, you can properly mourn their loss and hold on to beautiful memories.

4. Memorialize

Find a unique way to memorialize your brother and sister. You might make a tradition of playing their favorite game with your family while enjoying your sibling's favorite snacks.

Or, you might take an annual getaway on their birthday to a place you two visited together. Regardless of how you choose to celebrate their memory, you keep them alive and available to you in a healthy way.

5. Seek Therapy 

You might know intellectually that you need to do everything listed above, but not be able to follow through. If you feel this way, then seek professional help.

A trained therapist will help you sort through your feelings when you cannot figure them out. They will also navigate you through the process of forgiveness and healing.

Live Your Life

The death of a sibling may cause unimaginable pain. But feeling pain means you still have life left in you.

In order to move forward in this new life without your sibling, you must create closure. Request consultation online so we can help your family say goodbye.

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