Outstanding Guidelines for Giving a Heartfelt Funeral Speech

Thursday, June 4, 2020

A funeral service incorporates several key elements that comfort family and friends to help them gain closure for their loss. Funeral speeches are one of them.

Also known as eulogies, these speeches provide the opportunity for you to say a few words in honor of the person you lost. A good eulogy should eloquently sum them up so vividly that people sense their presence.

But, how do you fit a lifetime of memories into less than 5 minutes and make it impactful? 

How to Present Beautiful Funeral Speeches

Giving a beautiful eulogy speech takes thought, organization, and heart. Read on to learn how to create and present an amazing eulogy for your loved one's funeral service.

Begin With a Quote

Find a profound quote that can set the stage for your eulogy and then shape a running theme. This will help you organize your thoughts and then draw the audience's attention. Make sure the quote speaks to their personality or somehow fits them.

Pick the Right Memories

Some people make the mistake running through a list of memories, trying to fit everything in. Unfortunately, you lose so much in translation when you pack in too much.

In the allotted time, you should only include 2-3 memories. Make them count! 

Choose a memory that truly epitomizes your loved one for everybody. Then, add a special memory that captures who they were to you.

Personalize the Eulogy Without Dominating It

Adding in personal touches allows you to pour genuine emotion and love into your speech. But, remember to make this funeral speech about them and not all about you.

You may want to mention some other people who also shared a deep connection with them. Help others remember their own special moments as you share yours.

Keep It Positive

Try to keep this celebratory. You want to help people remember the good and heal rather than adding to the pain.

Absolutely never take this as an opportunity to take a shot at another family member. And, do your best to leave out memories that may upset others. Though a heartfelt eulogy will evoke tears, it should still make uplifted.

Practice for the Perfect Eulogy Speech

Avoid writing this the night before the funeral and then giving your speech unrehearsed. An impactful speech needs to flow freely.

After you write it, read it aloud several times. Do your best to memorize it, though you should keep it with you at the podium just in case emotions cloud your memory.

While you practice, perfect your volume and tone of voice. Use the mirror so you can practice audience eye contact and deliver an impactful speech.

When the time comes, you want to speak clearly and loud enough for everybody to hear. And you want the emotion to come through in your tone without impeding your words.

Heal Through Words

Funeral speeches offer an opportunity for you to cope and heal as you write it and then pass on the healing power as you deliver. Make this opportunity powerful.

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