The Highlights Reel: Choosing Photos for a Memorial Tribute

Monday, October 5, 2020

Grief isn't something you should work through on your own. Psychologists recommend talking to people who are also grieving. Sharing memories about the person you've lost makes healing easier.

Nowadays, the best way to share happy memories is through photographs. Phone cameras made documenting someone's life a breeze compared to developing film.

All those photos might seem excessive, but they tell a story. That story will help loved ones grieve in a healthy way. 

A memorial tribute full of photos is daunting to pull together. Which pictures do you choose? This guide will help make those hard decisions a little easier.

What Kind of Pictures is Best for a Funeral Tribute?

The goal of the memorial tribute is to celebrate a person's life. Try not to focus on one aspect of their life while ignoring the rest. It leaves people from the events you've overlooked feeling left out.

Start the photo-finding process by writing down the things they enjoyed, like:

  • Weekend hobbies, like fishing or hiking
  • Favorite sports
  • Organizations they volunteered at
  • Their favorite job
  • Activities they loved doing with friends, like visiting theme parks
  • Favorite animals
  • Favorite musicians

If you're making a video, don't worry about having too many pictures. You'll need at least 80 photos for an 8-minute memorial tribute. Pick 2 songs the deceased loved to include in the video.

Don't forget to add snapshots from important events. Did they graduate from college or go into the military? Reach out to people from that time in their life to find photos you may not have on-hand.

Are you preplanning your funeral service? Create a folder of pictures you want at your memorial service. It will take a lot of pressure off your family during difficult times.

Unique Ways to Display Photos At a Funeral

Video tributes are one of the most popular ways to celebrate a person's life. With the right software, you can cut together short videos and photographs. Videos are easy to share online or burned onto a disc. 

Not everyone wants to watch a video, though. Their grief might make it too hard to sit through an 8-minute tribute. 

Here are a few other ideas for displaying photos at a funeral:

  • Create a memory tree - String twine around a tree and add clothespins. Encourage attendees to bring their favorite photo to pin on the tree.
  • Turn the photos into keepsakes - If the deceased was crafty, set up a craft table at the memorial. Include supplies and photos to make pins or photo frames.
  • Make a memorial book - Ask guests to provide a picture or piece of writing about the deceased. Put these items in a scrapbook or use a digital service to make a coffee table book.

Whatever memorial display you chose, make sure it's what the deceased would want. A nature-lover would appreciate a memorial tree more than a sports-themed memory board

Celebrate Your Loved One With a Photo Memorial Tribute

Saying goodbye with a well-planned memorial tribute is an important part of the healing process. It encourages those who are grieving to talk through their emotions.

At Schumacher & Benner Funeral Home, we want to help make these final moments memorable. Our goal is to do the hard work so families can grieve and heal. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Schumacher & Benner Funeral Home and Crematory is the only private on-site crematory in Pottstown, PA. That is why we can truly say, your loved one never leaves our care. Our funeral directors are crematory technicians certified by the Cremation Association of North America, which provides advanced certifications to help insure the highest standards.

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