7 Unexpected Moments That Might Happen on the Funeral Day

Monday, October 12, 2020

Everyone knows that funerals are for grieving loved ones, but what you don't hear is that they're often more than just solemn. When the friends and family of a deceased person get together to celebrate that person's life, it's a chance for sweet memories, funny stories, and everything in between to be shared.

Funerals bring people together, and in this article, we're going to show you how. From heartwarming moments to laugh-out-loud memories, these are our favorite unexpected moments that have happened on the funeral day.

1. The Husband Mixup 

Once, a well-meaning reverend spoke about the deceased woman finally being reunited with her husband in heaven, but her husband was actually very much alive. What's worse, he was sitting in the front row!

2. Follow the Leader

What happens when two funeral processions happen at the same time? On this day, one funeral director has to chase down a line of cars that had accidentally started to follow the wrong hearse. The guests got all the way to the wrong church before they were redirected!

3. The Last Dance

It was a deceased polka dancer's last wish that everyone attending the funeral would stand and dance with one another. And so they did! During his service, people removed the chairs from the room and started polka dancing. His sons were the center of attention as they danced with their mother (the widow).

4. Breakfast Cereal

Wanting to prank his wife one last time, one grandfather asked that his ashes would be presented to his wife in a box of cornflakes. We know this man had quite a sense of humor!

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5. The Luau

One deceased man was known for always wearing bright Hawaiian shirts no matter where he went. For his funeral, everyone in attendance decided to wear a Hawaiian shirt in his honor. Not only was it one of the best memorable moments, but it really helped to lighten the mood.

6. The Best

This man wanted everyone to know just how great he was at his funeral. He made sure that his loved ones played Whitney Houston's 'Simply the Best' at the conclusion of his funeral. It made everyone laugh!

7. Elvis Impersonator

Once, an Elvis impersonator sang 'There Will Be Peace in the Valley' during a person's funeral. What's even funnier, he was all dressed up and in costume! People definitely got a kick out of it and were smiling ear to ear.

Stay Positive on the Funeral Day

While funerals are always hard, we hope that these perfectly unexpected funeral day moments have helped you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There's always a reason to be grateful, whether that was getting the chance to know the deceased person or seeing friends and family again.

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