5 Must-Know Tips on How to Plan a Funeral for Your Loved One

Monday, November 9, 2020

Are you wondering how you should plan a funeral for your loved one? Honoring a close family member or friend after they've passed away can be a difficult thing to do. Your emotions can make it challenging to focus on anything outside of trying to process the loss.

Although the loss of someone close to you is a life-changing event, there are ways that you can honor their unique life. Read on to learn how to plan a funeral to honor your loved one in a memorable way.

1. Honor Their Memory

If you're loved one didn't give you explicit instructions about their final wishes, you must find unique ways to honor their memory.

One of the ways to do this is to think about the kind of person they were. If they always took things in stride and had a great sense of humor, your loved one may have wished for a more lighthearted ceremony. 

Speak with your loved one's closest family and friends to decide on the best funeral plans to honor their life.

2. Find a Burial Site

Your loved one's burial site is their final resting place on earth. If they hadn't reserved a place prior to their passing, you will need to find the most appropriate place to bury them or spread their ashes. 

Sometimes the best burial site will be at a cemetery where other family members have been laid to rest. Other times, a loved one may have requested that they be cremated and have their ashes spread in a meaningful place to them. 

3. Gather Pictures and Video

Before a funeral service, you should gather pictures and video footage from when they were alive. Depending on their age, your loved one has likely had many special experiences and monumental moments in their life.

Find a way to capture these moments at their funeral by finding pictures and videos that highlight the best portions of their life with friends and family. 

4. Consider Who Will Speak

Speaking at a funeral can be a very hard thing to do for even the best public speaker. There's a lot of emotions running through someone as they seek to gather their thoughts and find the best way to remember the one they've lost.

Speak with family members and close friends about who will speak and in what order they will do it. 

5. Find Positive Ways to Remember

The sadness and gravity of losing someone close to you can make it hard to look at things in a positive way at first. While you may not have the physical closeness you had before, staying positive should be on your funeral planning checklist.

Consider the ways that you can use the example of your loved one's life to show others how to live a better and more fulfilling life. 

Learn How to Plan a Funeral 

Learning how to plan a funeral can help this emotional event be one that is easier on you and the rest of your family.

At Schumacher & Benner, we are a funeral home with the experience and compassion to help you find the best way to honor your loved one. We are located in Pottstown, PA, and offer funeral and crematory services performed by our caring staff. 

Contact us to learn more about how we will work with you and your family to give your loved one the funeral service they deserve.

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