Burial vs. Cremation: How To Choose the Right Option

Monday, December 7, 2020

Burial vs. cremation is a somber topic, however, it has to be discussed. How you or your loved ones are memorialized is an important decision in life. You should know that there are pros and cons to choosing either cremation services or burial. 

We are going to discuss the options so that when the time comes there are no more questions. Let's get started. 

Options for Choosing Burial 

Burials have been a traditional means of memorializing loved ones for centuries. The first step in the burial process is to clean and disinfect the body. This is done of respect for the deceased and as a means to protect their friends and family as well as the funeral staff. 

From that point, there are several options for how the burial will continue. In most cases, people will opt for embalmment. This is the process where the blood is replaced by a chemical for means of preservation of the person who has passed on. With that being said, the process of embalmment is not always necessary. 

In fact, a growing number of people are choosing natural burials. A natural burial is a burial that does not inhibit the natural decomposition of the body into the soil. This means that the body is not embalmed and is usually buried in an eco-friendly casket. 

Options for Choosing Cremation

Cremation services have seen a resurgence in recent years. In fact, since the 1960s to practice has seen a 40% growth. In general, the cremation process does not take place until at least 48 hours after death. Before the cremation begins there are a few things that happen first including a cremation authorization

The family will be able to say their goodbyes first and foremost in a private setting. Additionally, and religious ceremonies such as last rites can be performed. If the family wishes a funeral service can be held as well. 

The cremation process usually takes between 1-3 hours. After the process is complete the staff will handle the remains with respect and care until they reach the family. The remains usually weigh between 3-9 pounds and can be placed in an urn or any other remembrance container that the family would like. 

Burial Pros and Cons 

With burial services your loved ones have a place to visit remains. This is a familiar option that many people are comfortable with, and family members can personalize things like headstones, caskets, etc which can help them gain closure. 

With that being said, burials are more expensive. Additionally, certain cemeteries have rules and regulations on burials that may not fit your preferences for how you want you or your loved one to be remembered. 

Cremation Pros and Cons 

When it comes to cremation cons it usually is dependent on the family of the deceased. Family members might be uncomfortable with the idea of the procedure in general. With that being said, there are many pros to cremation. 

The process is much more affordable firstly. Additionally, many family members feel closer to their loved ones as they can keep an urn or memorial container in their homes. 

Burial Vs. Cremation 

When it comes to choosing burial vs. cremation it is a personal choice that takes time to reflect on. There is no one right or wrong choice it truly depends on what is best for you or your loved ones. 

The decisions are never easy, but we are here to help! We want to connect further with you to help you understand all of your options. Visit us today to learn more about our services

At Schumacher & Benner Funeral Home and Crematory, we want to take care of you and your family in any way possible. Our services include traditional funeral services, celebration of life services, cremations, selection of memorial and headstones, and more. 


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