Veteran Burial Service: How to Honor Fallen Heroes

Monday, December 21, 2020

When a veteran passes, America loses a hero. Whether they were killed in action or pass naturally after a long and brave life of service, honoring veterans in their end of life celebration is essential. Veteran burial and funerals may require some unique coordination given their ceremonial aspects and financial benefits so it is important to work with a knowledgeable funeral home.

Though there is grief, honoring veterans at the end of their lives fills us at Schumacher and Benner Funeral Home & Crematory with pride and appreciation.

How to Honor Veterans  

When we honor veterans, it is important to keep in mind the qualities of self-sacrifice and bravery their service to this country embodies. Schumacher and Benner Funeral Home & Crematory are honored to serve those who have served our country.

Veteran Burial

Veterans are entitled to particular veterans' burial benefits. They may also be eligible for assistance with funeral costs from the Veterans Administration.

As part of the planning and preparation for a veteran's funeral, we assist in procuring all veterans' burial benefits. From markers to honors, we have the knowledge, experience, and connections to take this task off the family's to-do list and pursue the benefits.

Choosing a Cemetery

A choice of burial location is a personal matter. Picking a veteran's cemetery provided by the state may mean a free plot. However, it may also come with some restrictions regarding who can attend the burial and how long a service can last.

Choosing a private cemetery allows you to honor a veteran while having more flexibility regarding the location and service.

Coffin Flag and Honor Guard

Two military-specific honors that you typically see at the funeral of a veteran are a flag over the coffin and an honor guard.

The image of a flag over the coffin of a veteran or service member is a powerful one. It is often ceremonially folded at some point during the funeral by the honor guard and given to the deceased's family. We can coordinate procuring a flag - from the VA for a veteran, or from the military service branch if active duty - and arranging for its ceremony. 

We will also be in communication with the honor guard about a rifle salute or playing Taps.

At the ceremony, there is no need to worry about the timing or organization of military honors. Our experienced directors are ready to step in and sequence all of these events with the honor guard so that flow of the ceremony honors the memory of the deceased.


We pay special attention to those veterans who have been brought home after being declared MIA, particularly in long-past conflicts. One of the most important ways to honor veterans is to deliver them to a final resting place.

Please reach out to make these specialized arrangements to bring your soldier home.

In Your Time of Need

Schumacher and Benner Funeral Home & Crematory are here for you. Whether you are planning in advance or looking to schedule a veteran funeral immediately we are available to discuss burial options and more.

Call 610-326-5755 today request more information about a veteran burial in Pottstown, PA.

We are a Veterans & Family Memorial Care provider and offer an Armed services commemoration program. Benefits feature: an American Flag Embroidered In Casket Panel; appropriate Armed Services Emblem custom embroidered with names and dates on blanket; triangular display case for the American Flag; custom engraved name plate with American Services Emblem; and authentic Presidential Certificate signed in ink by the President of the United States; and in addition full military honors at the place of burial with Funeral Hearse emblem depicting branch of service; and the Patriot's walk of Honor. 

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