The Pennsylvania State Guide to Ashes

Monday, February 22, 2021

Spreading the ashes of someone special is a moment you want to regard as a tribute. 

You might be wondering to yourself: are there laws on spreading ashes? How to spread ashes can require planning.

There are no state rules in Pennsylvania governing where you can hold or spread ashes. People usually keep ashes at home in a tomb, space, cemetery, or box. If you want to spread the ashes, you have a lot of choices.

Cremation leaves ashes inert. But there is no danger to public health from spreading ashes. Using good judgment and prevent from scattering ashes in areas where they will be visible.

You are wondering what goes into a ceremony of remembrance?

You may not know how to spread ashes, but let this be your guide. 

How To Spread Ashes 

There are many ways to remember loved ones before spreading their remains. Casting is the process of dispersing the ashes in the wind. Ashes are going to move a few miles.

For a better experience, search the path of the wind to stop the ashes from sweeping out. Trenching is another chance. With the trench of ashes, the loved ones bury the ashes in the ground, either dumping them out onto the soil.

Officially, before dispersing ash on public property, you can apply for approval. But, you're not going to meet much opposition. If you run the scattering ritual calmly, you should not have any issues.

Keep the ashes away from the paths, busy streets, buildings, and reservoirs, and you'll be fine—guidance on the spreading of ashes is on the websites of several national parks. 

Whenever it comes to whether or not this is legal to spread ash, there are hardly any official rules. You should always request consent before dispersing ash on private property. There are no rules on when or how ash should receive scattering on public property.

Make It A Ceremony 

Prepare something to say about your dearly departed. Make this occasion more like a memorial service. Use this precious moment to say a kind word about your friend or family member. 

Speak about a fond memory you have of them and try to end on a positive note. If you are emotional about their passing remember this is more than ok. Use your moment to speak to gain some closure.

This ceremony and task of spreading ashes are equal to paying your final respects. You want to honor a life someone love.

Remember The Person You Knew

Spreading ashes with care is a beautiful way to pay homage to the life of someone you care for deeply.

How to spread ashes is a personal decision left up to people who knew the person well. Try to think of this moment as something special and try to think of it positively. 

Find a service that can help you achieve the goal of your ceremony. You'll want people and a place that understands what you are going through. This service can be emotional find support from others and the people you hire to help.

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