How to Create Celebration at a Funeral

Monday, March 1, 2021

Funerals can often be sad and traumatizing events for loved ones. Nobody likes seeing anyone in a casket and when the day comes, they can be shocked. However, a funeral celebration can help make the grieving process easier and remind people to focus on a person's life, instead of their death.

It's not easy to bring an atmosphere of celebration during a funeral, though. And celebrating can be off-putting for many people after a funeral. However, it can be done.

Keep reading below to learn how to create an atmosphere of celebration at a funeral.

A Funeral Celebration is About Celebrating Life

Most people think that funerals are just about grieving the loss of loved ones. When people imagine them, they think of caskets, suits, and rooms filled with sadness. However, not all funerals need to be like that — funerals can actually help spark joy in the people who attend them.

By bringing smiles during a funeral, people can help their loved ones through the grieving process. Why level behind memories of sadness when you can make people happy instead.

People Gather at Funerals Out of Shared Loss

When people come together to celebrate something, they do it because they have something in common to celebrate. During weddings, families come together to celebrate the love between them. Even during birthday parties, people come together to celebrate a shared friendship with someone.

Funerals don't need to be any different — they can celebrate a shared kinship between a person. Grief will almost always be a part of funerals since they are about losing someone people cherished. But in the midst of that grief, people may be able to celebrate the memory of that person too.

Celebrating Life Doesn't Need to be a Wild Party

Celebrations don't always need to be wild parties — it would be disrespectful to throw a bender during a wake, after all. However, there is nothing stopping families from bringing smiles to attendees through gifts, or even drinks. Celebrations may not be held in the same room as the casket, but funerals can still about celebrating people.

After a funeral, families can gather at someone's home or at a community space to share their memories of the person. They can schedule a space after respects have been paid where people can enjoy each other's company. By organizing a celebration, families can even help teach children about death in healthy and informative ways.

Simply leaving some items that the person loved, or even giving them away, can spark an atmosphere of celebration.

New Kinds of Funerals Are Available

Traditional funerals aren't the only kind of event available for people. Now, people can choose to have a celebration of life, a memorial service, or a scattering service. By choosing a new kind of service, you can show your loved ones something about your personality and help inspire them to carry on your memory.

Bring Joy At a Funeral By Celebrating Life!

Most people think that celebrating at a funeral is inherently disrespectful. They want to be respectful. However, a funeral celebration can actually be about celebrating the memory of a person and cherishing the life they lived.

Funerals don't always need to be about a person's death, it can be about their life instead.

And if it's about their life, then it makes sense to celebrate! And for help organizing a celebration at a funeral, or for more information about it, just reach out to us.

At Schumacher & Benner Funeral Home and Crematory, we want to take care of you and your family in any way possible. Our services include traditional funeral services, celebration of life services, cremations, selection of memorial and headstones, and more.  

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