How Long is a Funeral? 5 Funeral Planning Tips

Monday, May 17, 2021

Losing a loved one is one of the toughest aspects of life. In the depths of the grieving process, it can be hard to think of what to do next.

When your face the loss of a loved one you will have many questions. Some of these will pertain to their funeral.

Questions such as: "How long is a funeral?" and "What happens during a funeral?" may arise in your mind. Learn all you need to know with this helpful guide.

What Happens During a Funeral?

A funeral is your time to honor your fallen loved one and reminisce on the happy aspects of their life. It is where everyone important in their life can come together and share their collective experiences.

It is a time for grieving and support. It can be a time of great sadness, but also of great understanding and peace. In general, a funeral can be broken into a couple of different segments depending on how you choose to plan it.

1. Plan a Wake First

The first part of the traditional funeral process is a wake. It is often held before a funeral. During the wake, the body of the deceased may be shown in an open or closed casket. Family and friends gather in a funeral parlor for the showing.

Some wakes are catered while others are not. Light fare and non-alcoholic drinks are some common refreshments to serve at a wake. 

2. Try a Traditional Funeral Service

The funeral service itself often occurs in a religious house of worship. A religious figure such as a priest will read some choice verses about the deceased. 

Friends or family members may speak at the funeral and eulogize the deceased individual. If you are in doubt of what to do, consider a traditional funeral service.

A funeral service can also include a burial, or this may be a separate event. The choice is up to you and the funeral planner.

3. Incorporate Music and Visuals

Your funeral service should focus on positive memories of the person you lost. The best way to do this is to incorporate some of their favorite music and some photos of them during their best years.

Setting it all to a heartfelt slideshow is one option. Talk to your funeral planner to decide what works best for your situation and budget.

4. How Long Is a Funeral?

A funeral should last for about an hour. Anything longer than that could be too much for older or be-grieved individuals to handle. Anything shorter doesn't give the deceased individual the respect they deserve.


Celebrate Life

A funeral should be about celebrating a deceased individual's life, not focusing on their death. Use these tips to plan a timely funeral for your deceased loved one.

Remember, when asking yourself: "How long is a funeral?" the answer is usually about an hour depending on your preference and religion. When you are ready to plan your funeral, contact us to examine your options.

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