Traditional Burial vs Cremation: The Pros and Cons of Both

Monday, June 14, 2021

As the 21st-century rolls on, more and more people are choosing cremation services over traditional burials. 

If you're making funeral preparations for yourself or a loved one, it's important to consider how you want your burial process to work. But how do you decide which you prefer? 

This article will walk you through a brief introduction to the pros and cons of traditional burial and cremation. 


Cremation, as well as rising in popularity, is the cheapest option for burial. Families of the deceased pay somewhere in the vicinity of three thousand dollars.


One of the major pros of cremation is that it's more environmentally friendly than burial. Graveyards take up a lot of space and more cremations mean fewer graveyards. 

Another big advantage of cremation is the sentimental process of scattering the ashes. If you or a loved one prepares before their death, you'll be able to figure out exactly where the ashes should be scattered. Many people prefer knowing their remains will be scattered they love.


Cremation is frowned upon — or flat-out disallowed — by many faiths. Certain faiths, such as Islam, Greek Orthodoxy, and Judaism, consider cremation a desecration to the physical body and stress that the body must be returned to the ground intact. 

Another big con of cremation is that many people just simply have a tough time imagining their loved ones going through the process. Some people — particularly the more traditional-minded — can't understand why a person would want that for themself. 

If you're considering cremation, make sure you find the best cremation company near you. 

Traditional Burial  

Traditional burial is the "old school" way to go about getting rid of a body. Many of the traditions surrounding death deal with the burial of the dead, so it's no wonder many people consider this the more traditional option. 


One of the biggest advantages of burial is its sense of permanence. People who undergo cremation may get tombstones to honor them in a cemetery, However, it's hard to beat knowing that just underneath the headstone, the body of your loved one rests.

Another great advantage of a traditional burial memorial service is the establishment of a family site. For families that consider themselves a unit, collective gravesites can be very important. 


One of the cons of traditional burial is money. While cremations are closer to the three thousand dollar mark, burials can cost close to ten thousand dollars. Many people also don't like to think of their bodies decaying and decomposing, so they opt for cremation instead. 

Pick the Best Burial 

While cremations are becoming more popular, and traditional burials have a longer history, its' important to consider what someone wants before they're buried. Make sure you figure out exactly what you want before you pass away, to make the preparations extra easy for your family. 

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