3 Beautiful Phrases to Engrave on a Headstone

Monday, June 21, 2021

Everyone wants to leave an impact on the world. When you or a loved one dies, you forfeit the ability to make direct contact with those around you. However, with a beautiful headstone inscription, you can communicate a part of yourself from beyond the grave. 

The memorial inscription is a popular headstone graving that has a long history. There are legible engravings from as early as the 17th century. 

If you or a loved one want to leave an impact when you're gone, consider getting yourself a personalized headstone. This article will walk you through five unique, beautiful headstone inscription ideas for your headstone. 

1. Literary References

While TV and the internet are gaining popularity, people often hold favorite books close to their hearts. If you or a loved one has a book you love, consider using a quote from it as an inscription on your gravestone. 

The best quotes to go with generally contain a message of positivity, uplift, and the ways that life moves on. If you're a fan of poetry, you don't even need to worry about lifting quotes. You can often fit a whole short poem on a gravestone. 

2. Song Lyrics 

People also hold music very close to their hearts. A person's music taste says a lot about them, and a lasting line from a musician can be the perfect final message to the world. 

Song lyrics on gravestones can range in tone — from funny, sarcastic and deep, to pretty, quaint, and uplifting. It's important to consider a person's music taste and personality before you choose their gravestone.

Someone more reserved and sincere probably won't want a Steely Dan quote and someone who always hated sentimentality probably won't want a quote from a Roger's and Hammerstein song. 

To know what someone wants, it's always important to preplan

3. Religious Inscriptions 

If a person was religious throughout their life, they may want to go to the grave with a religious inscription above them. Consider reading the bible, or asking your aged loved ones what their favorite bible quotes/sentiments are. 

If a religious loved one has died but hasn't let you know the exact inscription they want, don't fret. The internet has made it easier than ever to find religious quotations. Scour the internet for various inspirational bible verses to make sure you put them to rest the right way. 

But the internet isn't just good for quotations. You can even find the whole bible online in several translations. 

A Beautiful Headstone Inscription  

Your headstone inscription is your final message to the world. With these three headstone inscription ideas, anyone can send a beautiful message out to the ones they love the most who survive them. 

To make sure you get your headstone inscription right, reach out to a service that's professional and trusted. For more information about reliable headstones services, request information from us today.

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