How to Deal With the Loss of a Loved One

Monday, July 12, 2021

Have you lost someone precious to you recently? Are you wondering if you will ever get through this heartache and move on with your life? You might feel like you are empty, numb, and unable to go on. And people saying things, like, 'Time heals all wounds,' doesn't really help. But this doesn't mean that you are going to feel like this forever.

Read on to see some important things to know about dealing with loss. 

Dealing with Loss Might Feel like a Gaping Wound at First

When you lose someone you love, you might feel like you have been injured grievously. You might even feel like there's a gaping wound in your heart that can never be filled again. Just like an injury, the pain might be unbearable at first and all-consuming, making you unable to think about anything else. 

One way of learning to cope with this 'wound' is to lean into it. Give yourself space and time to really feel the wound, the pain, the hurt, and the loss. Allow yourself to feel angry at the person for leaving you and for the loss of that future that you were building together. Be patient with yourself and don't let anyone tell you to 'hurry up' with your healing process. 

Remember that everyone deals with pain in a very different manner. And everyone has a different timeline on how fast they recover from a painful loss.

You must have heard of the five stages of grief - denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Don't forget to allow yourself to wallow in each of these stages, as long as you need to. Also, don't think of these stages as a linear path. You might go back and forth between the stages several times, before moving on. Or skip even skip one or two of these stages naturally.

Some Coping Strategies for Dealing with Loss

Maybe you are a practical person and want tips or tricks to 'get over' your loss fast. Even though these coping mechanisms below cannot hurry up the process of grief, they can definitely aid it. 

  • Psychotherapy - speaking with an objective outsider can help you process your guilt, loss, and grief easier
  • Medication - if you are depressed or feeling anxious, certain medications might help that
  • Meditation or Mindfulness exercises - sitting with your loss rather than running away from it helps you process it faster
  • Journaling - express your guilt, loss, fear, anxiety, and grief on paper and then burn it as a ritual of letting go
  • Memory box - make a box of items that remind you of your loved one as a ritual of remembering

These are just some coping strategies that have helped people who were dealing with loss. Use one or all of them, as you feel is necessary. 

How to Deal With Loss in a Conscious Manner

Dealing with loss isn't a sprint, but a marathon. It might take you years before you feel that pain disappear and even then the twinge of pain might still be alive within you. It's not about how fast you get over your loss, but how conscious you are through it. Try not to numb yourself or bury the pain, but feel it as consciously as you can. 

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