5 Beautiful Ways to Personalize a Funeral Service

Monday, July 19, 2021

If you've had the death of a loved one recently, you might be wondering how you can show them you care even up till the very end. One simple way to do this to be more creative with their funeral service.

Considering there are millions of funerals every year, adding a little bit of panache to your loved one's funeral would be well-received by all. And would allow you to show that extra bit of love.

Read on to see some personalized funeral service ideas. 

1. Hold an Unplugged Service

common regret that people have is not spending more time with loved ones. Most people are so busy on their phones and with their social media notifications that they forget to spend time with the people that are sitting in front of them. It's easy to ignore or downgrade the importance of someone if they are always around you. 

But with an unplugged service, you can finally let go of that regret. Holding a funeral with all mobile devices turned off can be a great way to show your final devotion to your loved one. 

2. Give Out Living Memorials

There's a huge trend nowadays to honor life, rather than death. To remember that death is just the beginning. Or it's never the end. That's why giving living memorials, like saplings or seeds that people can take with them to grow in their gardens and backyard, is such a great idea. This way that sapling once grown can forever remind people of their loved ones. 

3. Have Their Favorite Food and Music in the Funeral Service

Remembering a loved one means remembering what they liked and disliked, as well, what they looked like and what they did for you. That's why serving their favorite food or drink, and playing their favorite music in the funeral service would be a great way of honoring them. 

4. Allow People to Say Heartfelt Words

Even though public speaking is never on the top of people's list, giving a eulogy for a loved one is a perfect way of giving a tribute to them. You could read a favorite quote or verse from a book they loved or from a religious text. Or you could just say some words from your heart, about what they meant to you and how much you are going to miss them. 

5. Incorporate Their Favorite Holiday Decor

If your loved one's funeral is during the holiday season (or even if it's not), consider decorating the funeral service with their favorite holiday decor. It could be Christmas or St. Paddy's Day. Or if they were a veteran, you could consider some military honors, like a gun salute, color guard, or a flag representation. 

A Personalized Funeral Adds That Additional Loving Touch

Forget about funeral etiquette and social customs. Think about doing a funeral service that speaks to you and your loved one's heart. It's about displaying the last effort to show your love, devotion, and loyalty to your demised family member. 

If you aren't sure of how to go about creating a personalized funeral service, then request a consultation with Ed & Mike at Schumacher & Benner Funeral Home & Crematory. They are here to assist you with all your funeral needs. 

At Schumacher & Benner Funeral Home and Crematory, we want to take care of you and your family in any way possible. Our services include traditional funeral services, celebration of life services, cremations, selection of memorial and headstones, and more.  

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