Honoring Our Loved One's: Types of Funeral Services

Monday, August 16, 2021

After losing a loved one, you want to honor them in the best way possible. Funerals aren’t easy to plan, but funeral homes have several options to choose a fitting service for your family. 

We’ve described the most common types of funeral services so you can decide what’s best for you. 

Graveside Service

This is often the service you see featured in movies at the gravesite. It typically follows the more traditional funeral service, and someone speaks a few words before the body is committed to the ground. 

This type of service can be powerful for loved ones who regularly visit the gravesite as it helps create a lasting memory at the location.  


A wake is also called the visitation or viewing. This event takes place before the funeral at either the funeral home or one of the mourner’s homes. 

This event allows mourners to connect and reminisce about their loved ones in a more casual setting. It also provides a chance to view the body and pay your final respects before the funeral service.

Traditional Funeral Services

Traditional funeral services are one of the most popular because it acts as a full-service funeral. It’s not uncommon for these services to be religious with a pastor present to give a sermon. 

A casket or urn is present at these services for guests to pay their respects. Close family chooses songs to play in their loved one’s memory and delivers a eulogy. There is also an opportunity for other guests to speak.

After this service, a funeral procession leads guests to the cemetery, where a brief graveside service follows.

Memorial Service

This is another common service to honor the deceased; only the body is not present. Many individuals opt for this kind of service to focus on remembering fond memories with their loved ones.

You can host these services anytime and anywhere it works for you. Some people opt to hold annual memorial services to remember their loved ones. 

Celebration of Life

A celebration of life is one of the more unique types of funerals. Rather than a traditional, more somber service, the family celebrates the deceased joyfully.

Celebrations of life can be whatever you make it and based on things your loved one enjoyed. They might involve a bonfire, food, dancing, music, drinks, or sharing happy memories. 

Direct Burial or Cremation

This option is best for families who don’t want a traditional service or the stress of funeral planning. Some families may choose this route for more privacy during this tough time and less financial burden. 

These are stand-alone events with a simple burial or cremation with no service. A scattering ceremony might follow cremation with your close family. 

There Are a Lot of Ways to Honor Your Loved One

With all the options for funeral services today, you will find a wonderful way to honor your loved one.

At Schumacher & Benner Funeral Home and Crematory, we make the process easy for you and your family and will provide the utmost care. Check out our services to see how we can help.

Since 1905, families in the Greater Pottstown area have turned to the independent, family-owned Schumacher and Benner Funeral Home & Crematory to meet their funeral needs with professionalism and sensitivity.  

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