How to Choose the Perfect Flower Arrangements for a Funeral Service

Monday, September 13, 2021

When a death occurs, no words will be adequate to provide comfort to the loved ones of the deceased or describe the sorrow they're feeling. Sending flower arrangements is a way of communicating all that words cannot at this sad and often lonely time. However, choosing which type of flowers to send can be tricky.

For a funeral flower arrangement, you will want something that is timeless and elegant, perhaps something that is personal to the deceased and their family. If you have recently lost someone close to you, and you'd like to honor their memory through a floral arrangement, read on for a guide on how to pick the perfect one.

Flower Meanings

When choosing flowers for a funeral, it is important to remember that different flowers have different meanings. In order to be respectful and not convey the wrong message, you should be aware of what these are. 

Lilies are a beautiful flower very popular at funerals. The white stargazer lily, in particular, is a popular choice at funerals. This is because it is thought to be a symbol of transcending spiritual barriers.

Roses are another popular flower for funerals. The rose is a versatile flower that can suit almost any occasion, as different colors have different meanings. Dark red can indicate sorrow while a yellow rose symbolizes strong ties.

The meaning of flowers aside, if the deceased or their family was known to have a connection to or affinity for a particular type of flower, this can be a nice addition. Including an arrangement of their favorite flowers is a nice way to add a personal touch to any funeral.

Types of Flower Arrangements for Funerals

Aside from the kind of flowers you choose to include in your arrangement, you will also need to decide the type of arrangement you would like to send. There are several different kinds of flower arrangements that are common at funerals.

If you are close with the deceased, you may want to take care of the casket flowers or burial wreath. These are two of the most important and prominent arrangements you will see at a funeral.

The casket flowers refers to the arrangement that lays on top of the casket as it sits for the duration of the service. They can be comprised of any flowers you wish, usually with some greenery added in. 

The burial wreath refers to flowers that are displayed at the graveside during and after the burial. This is most often a circular arrangement.

Make Sure the Service Is Perfect

Flower arrangements are an important part of making sure a funeral service is a suitable tribute to a deceased loved one. But much more goes into it than just that.

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