A Beautiful Resting Place: Types of Urns and How to Choose One

Monday, September 20, 2021

Are you looking to purchase an urn but aren't sure which type to choose? 

Choosing an urn for yourself or your loved one can be an overwhelming decision. While an urn serves as a container for the cremated remains of someone who has died, it can represent much more than a functional purpose. 

Many people see urns as the last physical connection to their loved ones who have passed. Because choosing an earn can be difficult, we've created this guide to inform you about the different types of urns. 

Individual Cremation Urn 

As the name suggests, an individual cremation urn is meant to hold the ashes of one human being. When purchasing an individual cremation urn, one of the biggest things you need to consider is the size. 

Generally speaking, one cubic inch of cremated ashes is equal to one pound of body weight. Individual urns also come in a wide range of materials, with ceramic, metal, and wood being some of the most popular options. 

You can also choose an individual cremation urn based on color and price. 

Keepsake Cremation Urns 

Keepsake cremation urns are smaller in size than individual cremation urns, and they're only meant to hold a portion of the deceased's ashes. 

Like individual cremation urns, keepsake urns are available in a wide variety of colors and materials. Due to their smaller size, these urns tend to be more affordable than individual cremation urns, and they can also be personalized. These urns are a great option if you're looking to share the ashes of a deceased loved one with family members. 

Many people also use keepsake urns to honor the life of a deceased pet or infant. 

Companion Urn 

A companion urn is larger than both a keepsake and individual cremation urn, as it's meant to hold the ashes of two individuals. Many of these urns come with a single chamber or two chambers to keep the ashes separate. 

Companion urns are ideal for the ashes of parents. They also serve as a way to commemorate the lives of two individuals who were close, such as siblings or best friends. Some people also place the ashes of a pet along with the owner's ashes in a companion urn. 

Eco-Friendly Cremation Urn 

With climate change becoming a major concern across the globe, many people are looking for more eco-friendly ways to handle funeral services and traditions surrounding the deceased. 

If the environment was an important concern to a loved one who passed, investing in an eco-friendly urn can be a great way to commemorate them. These urns are made from biodegradable materials, and they also make a great option for those who are looking to bury their loved one's ashes at sea

They also make a great option for anyone who loved the outdoors. 

Types of Urns: Time to Choose 

Now that you know about the different types of urns, it's time to choose which one is right for your loved one. With the right urn, putting your loved one to rest can be a more peaceful experience. 

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