6 Common Funeral Preplanning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Monday, September 27, 2021

Planning for the future is commonplace in many of our lives today, whether it’s planning where we’ll go to college, planning for retirement, or planning a vacation. Funeral preplanning is rarely something we prepare for but is important to consider for you and your family. 

Protect yourself from unexpected surprises with our guide on common preplanning mistakes and how to avoid them. 

1. Procrastinating

When you’re young and healthy, planning your funeral isn’t your focus, but it’s the ideal time to plan. Waiting until you’re older or in declining health can cause decisions to be made without a clear head.

Planning in advance protects your wishes and keeps your family from taking on the responsibility of planning.

2. Not Covering Expenses Ahead of Time

Common funeral costs are expensive- the average funeral cost in America starts at $7,360. Because of inflation, the cost of materials is always rising and may affect funeral costs.

By pre-paying for funeral expenses, you can avoid rising fees by locking in a price. Most funeral homes will offer protection from an uptick in prices. 

3. Incomplete Planning

Many individuals plan for a cremation or burial in advance, but don’t plan for their funeral service. By failing to plan for all aspects of the funeral process, you can leave your family with the stress and financial responsibility of planning a funeral for a loved one. 

4. Keeping Your Wishes to Yourself

Communicating your funeral wishes with your family will keep everyone in the loop about your plans. Inform them of what you have already prepared, like options for funeral providers, cemetery plots, or prepaid services. 

This opens up the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation with your loved ones about the future. As a backup, create a written document of your wishes for your family to refer to. 

5. Making Uninformed Decisions

When preplanning for funerals, it’s easy to miss important details if you don’t understand the process. To avoid this, involve a funeral professional when preplanning to stay informed about your options. 

Meeting with a funeral professional gives you the space to express concerns and ask questions, allowing you to feel comfortable that you’re making educated decisions.

6. No Funeral Preplanning

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not preplanning for your funeral at all. Preplanning is the best way to ensure your wishes are cared for before it’s your time. 

Preplanning relieves your family from planning for funeral arrangements in a short time frame during a period of loss. It allows them to focus on honoring you and spending valuable time together to grieve. 

Be Prepared

Funeral preplanning allows you to have everything in order before your time comes. This will not only bring you peace of mind knowing that everything aligns with your wishes, but brings peace of mind to your family as well.

If you're ready to begin the preplanning process, reach out to us today to learn how to get started. 

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