The Environmental Benefits of Cremation

Monday, October 25, 2021

Trying to decide what type of burial to give your loved one is a difficult choice. These decisions are not easy ones to make. You may want to discuss your options with your loved ones and decide which arrangements they are the most comfortable with. 

Depending on what your loved one wants you have several options. One of those options is cremation. Cremation services come with environmental benefits that you and your loved one might want to discuss. 

If you're looking for a way to memorialize your loved one it might be time to look at why cremation might be best. Here's a helpful look at why this option could be beneficial in your decision-making. 

What Is Cremation? 

Cremation is when your loved one is turned into ashes. It is up to you and your loved one to decide what to do with these ashes. Oftentimes, this process occurs after a memorial has taken place. 

Roughly half of the population decides to choose cremation. This process is often less expensive than having a traditional burial. 

The choice remains that it is up to the loved one and the family member as to how they want their remains to be cared for. This can be a very difficult process to make decisions on. 

Environmental Benefits

Those who choose cremation for funeral services have actually been beneficial. Cremation has been shown to leave less of a carbon footprint. When you choose cremation for your loved one you decide on an option that takes up less space. 

Your loved one will be able to rest peacefully knowing that you've made a choice that benefits the environment. Their ashes can contribute to brand new trees or be composted within their favorite spots. A piece of them will be part of brand new days. 

Unlike the way cremation was once performed, there have been changes to the way this is handled. The emissions count that goes into the atmosphere is much lower than it was once thought to be. This means that cremation is now a great energy-saving alternative. 

These alternatives can make everyone rest more comfortably. There are enough decisions to make after death. Discuss cremation with your funeral home for a clear idea of what you and your loved one would like done postmortem. 

Cremation Services Can Be a Big Decision 

Deciding what to do with a loved one's body after death is a difficult decision. Most families struggle with coming to terms with saying goodbye and knowing how they want to remember their loved ones. Discuss all of your options while there is still time. 

Cremation services are available and can make all parties feel more comfortable with the final decisions for their lives. Decide with your funeral home what is the best decision for you and your family. 

If you're looking for more information on how to handle plans after death, we're here to support you. Take a look at the services we offer and contact us for more information. 

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