4 Sympathy Gift Ideas to Give at a Funeral

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Gift-giving is never an easy endeavor. In fact, 15.2 billion dollars a year are spent on giving unwanted Christmas gifts. It's hard to tell what people will appreciate since everyone is different. 

However, it's extra hard to know what to gift as a sympathy gift at a funeral. You don't want the gift to seem celebrity, but at the same time, you don't wish your expression of grief and loss to feel maudlin or overbearing. So what do you do? 

This article will walk you through a couple of sympathy gift ideas that everyone who's going to a funeral should consider. Read on!

1. Sympathy Card

While not exactly a gift in-of-itself, all of the best gifts for funerals could benefit from a sympathy card. A cheap sympathy card will work—you don't need to go to extremes because what matters more is the words you write. 

We recommend choosing one with as small a printed message as possible and lots of room to write your own message.

A sound sympathy card—if sincere, genuine, and from the heart—acts as a way of contextualizing any gift you might give. Often, your thoughtful healing words can make more of a difference than any gift ever could, which makes sympathy cards the number one gift to give to the grieving. 

2. Blankets

When it comes to tangible things you can give, it's hard to go wrong with a blanket. If the funeral is for someone close to the person you're gifting to, they're going to be struggling with grief and will likely need a lot of rest. 

It's essential to make the blanket gift personal. The internet has made this more accessible than ever. Perhaps you can get a blanket with a movie quote, album cover, or other images that your friend/loved one enjoys. 

If you happen to be able to knit, a knitted blanket is perfect for the occasion. However, this might take too much time to do in a hurry. 

3. Cookies

Hopefully, by now, you're seeing a pattern emerging. Of course, cookies—or other baked goods—won't stay around for long, but your grieving friend will most likely thank you immensely for the warmth and momentary joy they bring them. 

This feeling can help them get over their hard time. It also comes from the heart. If you are personally grieving this loss, baking can even help you cope and relieve stress. 

4. Extra Help 

Extra help is also not a tangible gift. However, death causes a lot of complications. Not only do people need to arrange for funerals and burials, but they also need to fill whatever role the deceased filled when they were living. 

Perhaps you can symbolize the extra help you're giving with a customized "admit one" ticket they can redeem for your help—a cute way of showing your support. 

A Sympathy Gift Idea to Show You Care

As you can see, in the world of the sympathy gift, it's the intention behind the gift that counts. Don't think of the most expensive thing you can buy, but instead the thing that demonstrates your care the most. 

For more information on funeral sympathy and condolences, check out our "share condolences" page. 

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