9 Factors to Consider to Pre-Plan a Funeral

Monday, March 7, 2022

One of the principal reasons for making your own funeral plans is to ensure this cost doesn’t fall to your loved ones.

The other reason is to make sure those that loved you the most don’t have to deal with the process of funeral planning while their grieving for you. After all, a loss is hard enough for anyone to deal with, without adding additional stress.

So, if you’re about to pre-plan a funeral, what do you need to consider?

Here are nine factors you should take on board.

1. Where Do You Want to Be Laid to Rest?

Whether you’re getting buried or cremated, you may want your remains to end up somewhere that’s important to you. Being buried with partners or other family members is important to some people.

Maybe you want your ashes scattered at your favorite sports team’s stadium or at a local beach.

2. How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

People of all ages pre-plan funerals. In fact, many Millenials are reportedly planning how they want to be remembered.

Making your own funeral arrangements will mean you get a say in how you’re remembered. You can do this by asking the celebrant to talk about specific things, or by planning the funeral in a way that matches your personality.

3. Do You Want a Religious Ceremony?

Religion is important to many people and less so to others. Whether you want a religious ceremony or defiantly don’t, you can determine this in your funeral arrangements.

4. Why Not Set the Dress Code?

Wearing black is traditional at funerals. If somber is not your style, you may want to break with the formalities and insist everyone wear the brightest shirt. It’s your funeral, have it your own way. Additionally, don't forget to consider what clothes you'll wear to your own funeral

5. You Pick the Playlist

If you want to go out to your favorite Beatles song, why not? Setting the hymns or the songs that mean something to you will ensure the soundtrack is right for you.

6. Support Charities Close to Your Heart

Instead of having flowers sent to your funeral, why not tell people to donate to charity? You can set the charity of your choice.

7. You Set the Spending

Aside from the fact you’re saving your loved ones from needing to pay your funeral expenses, by doing all the planning, you’re setting the spend. If you want an ostentatious funeral, you have one. If you want it to be a basic affair, that’s your call.

8. You Choose the Flowers

If a certain type of flower has made you sneeze your entire life, you may not want your casket to be adorned with them at your funeral. If you loved lilies, go to town and celebrate your favorite flora in style.

9. You Choose Where the Funeral Is

When coming up with funeral ideas, it’s always hard to decide where to hold your memorial ceremony. Thinking about this now saves someone else the hard task later.

Are You Ready to Pre-Plan a Funeral?

To ensure your final wishes are carried out, you can pre-plan a funeral for yourself with our help.

Get in touch to discuss what steps you can take now to plan your memorial.

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