4 Unique Funeral Ideas for Preplanned Funerals

Monday, March 14, 2022

Did you know that in Madagascar, communities continue to celebrate the life of the deceased every 5-7 years? They will exhume the body of a loved one, rewrap it in fresh shrouds, and gather together to spend time reminiscing.

This tradition stems from their belief that the dead haven't truly passed on until their bones have completely decomposed. This is just one of the ways that funerary traditions vary from place to place.

Their one-of-a-kind ceremony shows that there's not one set way to honor the dead. You don't have to hold a 100% traditional service. There are plenty of unique funeral ideas that you can add when funeral planning.

We're here to give you some suggestions to bring up with your funeral planner. Keep reading to learn which ideas you can incorporate into a preplanned funeral. 

1. Ask Guests to Volunteer

Funerals don't have to be a gloomy event. In fact, they offer a chance for people to connect over something that the passed individual was passionate about. 

You can do this by hosting a volunteer event preceding or following a funeral. This is a great way to personalize the service if you're preplanning funeral arrangements. The person in question can then actually choose what cause they'd like their loved ones to volunteer for on their behalf.

2. Switch Up the Dress Code

It's customary to wear black or dark-colored clothing to funerals. However, why not add a little bit of vibrancy to the service instead?

When extending funeral invitations to guests, ask them to wear brightly colored clothing. You could also ask they wear clothing that was best loved by the person who passed—be it glamorous attire, athletic wear, etc.

3. Hold a Sky Send-Off

If you want a subtle way to add some new charm to a funeral, consider holding a sky send-off after the traditional service. Popular choices for sky releases are birds or butterflies. Since animal releases can be tricky to arrange, you could choose an eco-friendly option, like bubbles or flying wish papers.

4. Host a Festive Reception

Many funeral receptions are fairly reserved, often held in the home of relatives or a small church venue space. While these are often pleasant and a good chance to chat with other loved ones, they can at times be overly stoic.

If you or a loved one is preplanning a funeral, why not ensure everyone leaves on a happy note? After all, grieving isn't always painful. You can grieve by celebrating the memory of the person through joy and laughter.

Consider holding a festive reception. Take pointers from weddings and consider renting out a dance hall, where people can dance to music and celebrate the deceased in an uplifting way. 

Discover Unique Funeral Ideas to Use

You don't have to stick to traditional ideas when drawing up funeral plans. If you want the funeral to be more personal, the addition of unique funeral ideas might be the solution. The guide above will offer inspiration as you search for special ideas!

Need a little bit of help preplanning a funeral? Ed and Mike at Schumacher & Benner are dedicated to comfortably assisting you with preplanning a funeral. Request a consultation today to learn more about our services and how we can work with you to create a respectful and memorable funeral.

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