How to Clean and Decorate a Gravesite

Monday, April 4, 2022

Did you know the earliest instances of grave decorations date back to the Ancient Greeks 2000 years ago? The practice of maintaining a loved one's gravesite not only shows respect for the person's memory but also helps with the process of healing, which is why it has been around for as long as it has.

But what are the best ways to clean and decorate a grave? Read on to learn some cleaning tips and decorating tips for graves.

How to Clean a Grave

You want to have a clear idea of what material the grave marker is made of before you undertake any cleaning. You also want to assess the condition of the grave marker. If you see that it has flaking or parts that are crumbling, you want to avoid using hard bristles.

Never attempt to clean a grave marker that is unstable and do not try to do it on a very hot or very cold day since temperature fluctuations can damage the marker. You also want to avoid using dishwashing liquid, household soap, detergent, wax, or other cleaning product. Even if they claim to be gentle and safe, they can be too acidic for a grave marker.

To clean the grave, you want to use water, a sponge, soft brushes, and towels. Avoid abrasive brushes and sponges with color, since they can stain.

You want to remove leaves and other debris first, then wet the grave marker completely. Use the sponge and brushes to remove dirt, moss, and anything else on the surface of the marker. You want to rinse the marker and dry it with a towel.

How to Decorate a Grave

There are many options for decorating a gravesite. Flowers are always a beautiful choice, especially if you choose options that the person would have enjoyed or if you stick to seasonal options.

You can also choose to plant flowers or other types of plants on site. Some cemeteries even allow the plating of shrubs, so be sure to ask. Seeing a plant grow from your loved one's gravesite can be a lovely memorial.

Adding a bench to the gravesite is another grave decor option. You can choose to engrave the bench with a quote that the person loved or even a saying they often turned to. A bench can encourage people to stop by and visit, honoring the person and offering comfort to the visitor.

Solar lights are an option that can ensure your loved one's grave is lit up at night. Solar lights come in different sizes, shapes, and styles, letting you find the option that feels right. There are even solar flowers that look like real flowers but light up at night.

Honor Your Loved One

Cleaning and decorating a gravesite is one way of honoring the person you have lost while also giving yourself some comfort. It can be a way to acknowledge the death and come to terms with it so that you can heal.

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