5 Best Flowers for a Funeral Arrangement

Monday, May 23, 2022

Planning a funeral can take as little as 1 to 2 days

During this planning, loved ones must notify friends and family of the individual's passing, decide a location for the viewing, and figure out the body's transportation. It can be very overwhelming. 

Often, the details are the most overwhelming part! One detail you can't forget is the floral arrangements. Luckily for you, we can help you with that. 

Below are five of the best flowers for funeral floral arrangements. You can check "flowers" off of your to-do list.

1. Lilies 

One of the most popular funeral flowers you'll see is the lily. Not only are lilies beautiful, but they also symbolize the innocence of the deceased loved one. 

Use white lilies to give off a sense of calmness and peace with your floral arrangements. You can even send white lilies to someone you know grieving their loved one. They're often used as a sign of sympathy.

2. Roses

Most people think of roses as a flower of romance and passion. While roses are often used during romantic occasions, roses are also used to symbolize grace, family love, and reverence. 

Use yellow or white roses as the main focus of your floral arrangements. Place smaller flowers, such as baby's breath, alongside the roses. 

3. Gladiolus

To communicate the strong, virtuous character of a loved one, use gladiolus in a funeral bouquet. The gladioli flower stands tall- much like the image of the deceased family member. 

Make sure to choose more muted colors instead of vivid ones. 

4. Carnations

Carnations are often used in funeral arrangements. They pair well with other flowers because they are long-lasting flowers. They're perfect for complementing more intricate flowers. 

Choose pink carnations if you want to communicate remembrance and devotion, and use red carnations if you're going to express respect. 

5. Orchids

A popular flower to gift to those who are grieving is the orchid. 

Orchids represent strength, purity, grace, and reverence. Popular choices of orchids for funeral arrangements include pink and/or white orchids. 

If you choose not to use orchids in your arrangements, purchase a few orchid plants to gift to other close family members and friends. Remembering the grief of others during your planning will mean a lot to your loved ones. 

Remembering a Loved One: The 5 Best Flowers for Funeral Arrangements

Arranging a funeral is emotional and overwhelming. It takes a lot of mental energy to remember all of the details. Let us help you with the above list of the five best flowers for funeral arrangements. 

Flowers are beautiful, calming, and a symbol of the loved one that passed. Remember that loved one by using roses, carnations, or orchids. Many people also incorporate lilies and gladiolus into funeral arrangements for an extra touch of beauty. 

For more help in planning a funeral, check out the remainder of our site. We offer both traditional funeral services and cremation

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