How Soon Are Funerals After Death?

Monday, July 4, 2022

Did you recently suffer the tragedy of losing a loved one? You're not alone — over three million people die in the U.S. each year, leaving bereaved loved ones behind. 

There's no way around the heartbreak and suffering but it helps to have your questions answered. One question many people have is how soon are funerals after death?

In this brief funeral guide, we'll answer that and more. 

How Soon Are Funerals After Death?

There are different circumstances under which people pass away. Was the death from natural causes? If there are no questions and no reason for an inquest, most funerals happen between 1-2 weeks after death. 

Modern embalming practices make it possible to have a funeral up to a month after a loved one's passing. 

There are others who choose natural burial methods, so the person needs burial much sooner due to body decomposition. 

If you choose cremation, the funeral can be whenever the family chooses. It's also not uncommon for people to have a small private burial and then hold a larger memorial service later. 

If the loved one already had a burial plan in place before dying, it's much easier on the survivors. Planning a funeral is incredibly stressful when it happens suddenly. It's hard enough dealing with the grief, let alone making a lot of tough decisions amidst the pain. 

What Is a Wake and When to Have One

The wake is a viewing or visitation of the loved one's body. Most wakes are the day or evening before the funeral. It's a time when friends and family walk by the body and take a moment to pray or visit with the deceased. 

The casket can be open or closed depending on the wishes of the deceased or the family. The casket remains closed in some cases, such as a disfiguring accident or fire. 

Traditional Catholic funerals have a wake that lasts 1-2 days before the funeral. The funeral is usually within three days of death. 

Funeral Tips and Advice

If you're the one doing the planning, here is some funeral advice to consider when making your decisions. 

Think about the most important people in the deceased's life. Make sure you notify these people if they don't already know of your loved one's passing. Consider delaying the funeral a few days, so they have time to make arrangements to attend. 

What is a funeral? A time of emotional closure for friends and family. Ensure that as many people can make it to the ceremony as possible.  

Although a weekend funeral makes it easier for many people to attend, it is typically more expensive. Consider planning a Friday afternoon funeral, so people don't have to take a day or several days off mid-week to attend. 

Planning a Funeral

How soon are funerals after death? As you can see, the answer varies and depends on the day of death and the amount of pre-planning done by the deceased. One of the biggest gifts you can give your surviving family is to plan your funeral before you pass. 

Are you ready to give yourself peace of mind by pre-planning your funeral? Book a consultation today and let us help you with the details. 

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