Answering Your Top Questions About a Pre-arranged Funeral

Monday, August 8, 2022

When someone dies, the first symptoms of grief their loved ones suffer are shock and denial.

Organizing a funeral in this condition can be a significant challenge. Your family will struggle to come to terms with the news and may be unable to agree on how to proceed. They may also be panicking about the costs involved.

We cannot control when and how we die, but we can have a small amount of control over the impact on those around us. 

Opting for a pre-arranged funeral will take the burden off their shoulders.

Keep reading to learn more about pre-arranged funerals.

Why Pre-arrange Your Funeral?

You won't be there, but you may have precise wishes for how people remember you on the day of your memorial service. Don't risk someone forgetting what your favorite music or poem was.

Organizing your funeral ahead of time will allow you to think through the complicated administrative issues. It can also allow you to come to terms with your mortality. This can even prompt connections with your family as you discuss this reality.

You can also ease any financial concerns by deciding how much to spend and paying for the funeral in advance.

How to Pre-arrange a Funeral

There are many different aspects involved in planning a funeral. You will need to make a list and decide in advance how to proceed on the day. 

When working on your pre-funeral arrangements, one of the most significant decisions will be whether you want to be cremated or embalmed and buried.

If you opt for cremation, you may want to request a location for your ashes to be scattered.

However, if you want a burial, you will need to choose your final resting place. You will also need to select the casket, a headstone, and what you want it to say. 

These days, if you are worried about the environmental impact of your funeral, you can opt for a green burial. In this case, the funeral home can lay you to rest in a biodegradable coffin.

You can get control over whether or not you want an open casket and what you would like to wear.

Then you can decide what kind of ceremony you would like. Do you want a traditional church service or an intimate gathering at the funeral home or graveside?

You might even want to decide on details like the flowers you will have at the ceremony. You can also set this up if you want specific people to deliver a eulogy or be pallbearers.

How to Cover Pre-arranged Funeral Costs?

You can settle the cost of your funeral with your chosen burial home ahead of time. The benefit of this is that you will pay today's prices. This will protect your loved ones from paying higher rates in years to come.

Your pre-arranged funeral costs may even be tax-deductible. Ask a professional if this is possible.

Gain Control With a Pre-arranged Funeral

Nobody wants to think about their life coming to an end. However, dealing with this reality can give you control over some aspects. The responsible thing to do is ease the burden on those you love.

Contact us to organize your pre-arranged funeral.

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