How to Choose Ash Urns for Your Loved One

Monday, October 3, 2022

Death is one of those things that everyone deals with. For that reason, the funeral industry will never go out of style. The funeral industry is estimated to be worth $20 billion annually, with 2.5 million funerals each year.

On a more personal level, when someone passes in your family, there is so much to think of. Where the memorial will be held, who will give eulogies, and where they will be buried. Ash urns provide a wonderful way to commemorate the deceased.

You've got a lot on your plate, and choosing an urn can be difficult. We're here to provide our services. Read our guide below to help you in the process.

Intended Use

One of the first things to consider with ash urns is their intended use. There may be certain requirements you need to follow.


Simple, sturdy ash urns are ideal for burials. To prevent collapsing, some burial facilities will require a protective urn vault.

Columbarium Niche

A columbarium holds a selection of urns above ground. A single urn can be held within each niche.


There are plenty of ways you can scatter the ashes. Some families choose to scatter them at the funeral. There are several eco-friendly options, such as paper-pulp based. Other families decide to scatter at a later date so that they can take their time to find the ideal time and place.


Displaying the urn at home is an excellent way to honor the loved one. There are several options for this.

If you want to honor their outdoorsy spirit, opt for a wooden urn. If they were a creative person, a glass urn is what we recommend.


Another important factor when choosing an urn is ensuring that the ashes fit inside. There's an easy metric to follow when choosing the size. One pound of the person's body weight equals 1 cubic inch of cremated remains.

An urn provider will display the cubic inch volume of each urn. There is a 200 cubic inch capacity for most adult standard ash urns.


Ash urns come in all sorts of materials. The more popular ones include metal, wood, stone, and ceramic.

Choosing an urn and its material all comes down to preference. Most will last for years and years.

A stone urn (cultured marble or granite) will serve as a protective vault if you plan to burn the urn in a cemetery plot. Paper, sand, gelatin, and salt are all great materials since they are biodegradable. These are great options if you wish for your loved one's remains to return to the earth in the most natural way possible.


Finding a final resting place for your loved one can be taxing. With an abundance of cremation urn designs to choose from, it can be difficult to make a final selection. Some options and ideas include angels, praying hands, ocean/beach, butterflies, books, etc.


Funeral costs can add up quickly. This is why choosing an urn and funeral home within your budget is of utmost importance. Take your time to compare different types of urns and their costs until you're completely satisfied.

Honor the Deceased With Ash Urns

You now should have a better about choosing ash urns. You're dealing with enough already. We want you to know that you're never alone.

Death is something everyone must go through. This is why planning is so crucial. Let us take some of the guesswork out of the equation and plan with us.

Schumacher & Benner Funeral Home and Crematory is the only private on-site crematory in Pottstown, PA. That is why we can truly say, your loved one never leaves our care. Our funeral directors are crematory technicians certified by the Cremation Association of North America, which provides advanced certifications to help insure the highest standards.  

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