Planning a Meaningful Memorial Service for a Loved One

Monday, January 16, 2023

Saying goodbye is no small matter. A 2020 meta-analysis of 11 studies found that funerals benefit mourners significantly when mourners can say farewell in a meaningful way. 

A memorial service can acknowledge your loved one's personality and let you gain comfort from other people. However, you shouldn't rush a memorial service or a funeral service. You should consider a few practical steps to plan the occasion. 

Who should you talk to while planning a service? How can you personalize the event? How can you commemorate your loved one over time?

Answer these questions, and you can have a perfect memorial service in less time than you think. Here is your quick guide.

Plan the Memorial Service in a Group

Planning a funeral service with a group can help you develop creative memorial service ideas. It can also lessen the load and let you leverage people's connections. 

At least one immediate family member of your loved one should be in the group. You can also have their best friend be in the group, as long as they will not find the planning overwhelming. Feel free to talk to a clergy member or a funeral service expert.

Look at Several Memorial Service Ideas

You can customize a memorial service in many ways while adhering to your faith or cultural traditions. A religious service can occur in a house of worship, a private home, or a public park. A wake can take place at anyone's home or in a restaurant. 

The service can include live music, candle ceremonies, or charitable acts. You and your family can plant a tree to memorialize your loved one. Be as creative as you want, and write down any ideas you like.

Personalize the Occasion

There are a few great ways you can personalize the memorial service. You can have your loved one's favorite flowers at the venue and create a picture collage of them. 

You can ask the people attending the service to donate money to charities instead of giving flowers. Showcase your loved one's favorite charity at the funeral by handing out flyers or inviting someone from the organization to speak.

Create Multiple Events

Hosting multiple services is good if people cannot arrive in time for your initial service. It can also help with the grieving process as you acknowledge and find outlets for your emotions in the months after your loved one's death.

You can have a traditional funeral service shortly after your loved one's passing and then a wake or memorial service a few months later. On the anniversary of your loved one's death, you can have a candle ceremony or another occasion to mark one year. 

Arrange Your Memorial Service

A memorial service requires your utmost attention. You should gather with a group of people to come up with ideas and collect resources. Talk to family members, friends, and experts outside the family.

Brainstorm a few potential ideas and focus on the ones that call attention to your loved one's personality. Feel free to spread the ideas across multiple events. Commemorating the first anniversary of your loved one's passing can help you process your grief. 

Memorial service professionals are always there for you. Schumacher & Benner Funeral Home & Crematory arranges memorial services in Pottstown. Contact us today.

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