How to Scatter Ashes With Elegance and Respect

Monday, February 27, 2023

Saying goodbye doesn't have to be tricky. One in five households own cremated remains because family members don't know what to do with them. 

Scattering ashes can be a beautiful way of commemorating your loved one's life. Yet many people aren't exactly sure of what to do. If you want a cremation ceremony for your loved one, you have a few options. 

How can you distribute ashes, and can you place them in a public location? What should you do if you want a memorial for your loved one? How can you scatter ashes at sea?

Answer these questions and you can recognize your loved one's life in the right way. Here is your quick guide.

Cast the Ashes Into the Wind

Casting cremation ashes into the wind is a traditional and formal way of scattering ashes. Some people like to cast ashes directly out of the urn, but you can use a scattering tube. A tube can direct ashes away from you so they won't land on you. 

Wait until the wind is flowing away from you and your loved ones. Hold the urn or tube at waist height and start scattering. Try to cast the ashes horizontally, as throwing them up into the air can cause them to land on you. 

If you want to make a ceremony out of the scattering, you can give a speech, perform a song, or read a poem as you scatter ash. You can also place ashes into small glasses, distribute them to your loved ones, and ask each person to share their thoughts before scattering them. 

Create a Natural Feature

If you want a physical memorial to your loved one, you can sprinkle the ashes into the soil of a garden or nature preserve. Use a rake to spread them out and then place a plant in the area. You can also choose an ash urn and place it at the location, as long as you have permission to do so. 

You can also sprinkle ashes around or near a national landmark. Some national and state parks allow people to sprinkle cremains, though you may need to get a permit from the National Park Service.

Use Water

You can charter a boat and scatter ashes at sea, though you need to follow state and federal regulations for burial at sea. Talk to a lawyer to see what rules you need to follow. You can use an urn or a scattering rod to distribute the cremains, but you cannot place non-decomposable objects into the water.

If you want an informal way of scattering ashes at sea, you can perform a ceremony at a beach. Sprinkle some cremains into the sand and wait for the tide to come in. The water will wash over the cremains and take them out into the ocean.

Start Scattering Ashes the Right Way

There are a few ways you can start scattering ashes. Many people choose to scatter ashes into the air in a garden, field, or public location. As long as you have permission from the owner, you can place them anywhere. 

You can sprinkle ashes into garden soil or a field and use flowers as memorial markers. If your loved one loved the sea, you can bring their cremains onto a boat and sprinkle them into the water. 

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