Words of Comfort: Kind Words and Messages to Share at a Funeral

Monday, August 21, 2023

Most funerals take place in churches or funeral homes. However, 53.1% of people have attended funerals at non-traditional locations.

Regardless of where families hold funerals, attending them is challenging. One of the hardest parts is knowing what to say.

After all, what can you say to a family that just lost a loved one? You can say words of comfort, but brushing up on them before the funeral might be helpful.

Keep reading to learn more about what you can say to the family next time you attend a funeral.

I'm Sorry

Attending a traditional or alternative funeral is sad. It's especially difficult when you lose a close loved one. But it's also challenging seeing people you love experience a loss of a loved one.

One of the most common things people say at funerals is, "I'm sorry for your loss." Telling a family this means a lot, as it shows you care.  

They Will Be Missed

Many sympathy messages also include thoughts about missing the person. You can tell the family that you will miss their loved one. You can even describe how many people will miss them.

When telling them you'll miss them, adding personal details is a nice gesture. For example, if the person always smiled, tell the family that. Say, "They always had a smile when I saw them."

This message can make the family smile. You can also share other loving memories. Families love hearing the memories of those that loved the person. 

You're in My Thoughts

You might also tell them that they're in your thoughts. If you're a spiritual person, you can add, "You're in my thoughts and prayers." 

Many people believe in the power of prayer. As a result, a family can feel comforted knowing that many people are praying for them. 

I'm Here for You

Sharing condolences is comforting for the family that experienced the loss. Therefore, it might be nice to tell them that you're there for them. 

Telling them this is important for providing comfort after loss. However, acting on it is also important. 

Can I Help You in Any Way?

You can act by following through with your words. When you tell them you're there for them, ask if they need help. They'll likely say no.

However, you can do various things to help them. For example, make them a meal and drop it off. Providing a meal is one less thing they have to worry about during this time.

You might also stop by to visit them or ask them to go to lunch. You can find many ways to help people after they experience a loss. Each thing you do can help the family through this difficult time.

Use These Words of Comfort

Using the right words of comfort can console a person and let them know you care. Unfortunately, finding the right words is challenging for most people. But you can use these words and know they'll help.

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