Final Arrangements: Graveside, Church, or Funeral Home?

Monday, August 28, 2023

Far too many Americans are kicking the can down the road on end-of-life planning. Just 33% of Americans have drafted a will or living trust.

While death is an uncomfortable topic, it is one that must be planned for. Otherwise, you leave the burden of planning to family members that are already dealing with the sorrow of your passing.

One topic to discuss is where you want to hold funeral services. The most popular choices are at a funeral home, church, or graveside.

Read on for a guide to final arrangements planning. Explore topics such as what is a graveside funeral and tips for buying a headstone.

How Much Does a Funeral Cost?

Cost is one of the primary reasons that funeral pre-planning is so important. The national median cost of a viewing and burial is nearly $8,000.

There are a few factors that impact funeral costs. For example, some people choose cremation as a way to reduce burial costs. Those that are cremated do not require a burial plot or headstone.

A graveside funeral is another way to save money. Instead of having a viewing at a funeral home or church, services instead take place at the deceased's burial plot.

Memorial services at a funeral home or church give the family more time with their loved ones. These options allow for an extended viewing, speeches from loved ones, and printed memorial materials.

What Is a Graveside Funeral?

Many people are unfamiliar with graveside funerals. After a loved one's death, they immediately contact a funeral home to handle the services.

While this is an attractive option for many, it is not always preferred. For some people, a viewing and subsequent burial ceremony makes for a long and challenging day. They would instead hold one proceeding and return home quickly to grieve in private.

Graveside funerals are cheaper than services held at a funeral home or church. Viewings are not typical for a graveside funeral. This reduces total funeral costs as preparatory steps like embalming are no longer required.

What Are Common Funeral Costs?

Should you choose a traditional burial, there are many required services regardless of whether you opt for the graveside funeral. For example, you are going to incur transportation costs. This includes picking up the remains from the hospital and transferring them to a funeral home or cemetery.

You will need to pick out a casket. There are different casket types, like metal or wood, that can impact costs.

You will also need to buy a burial plot at the cemetery. Some cemeteries require you to purchase a burial vault as well to protect the casket and prevent it from sinking.

Headstones are another typical expense incurred. One tip for buying a headstone is to check with the cemetery about size limits.

You need to ensure the headstone is appropriate for your selected burial plot. Another tip is to make sure that headstone costs include installation and grave marking. This all seems like a lot of planning, and the good news is that a funeral services company can help with all of it.

Your Guide to Final Arrangements

You are now ready to start planning your funeral. This is a difficult time for many, and pre-planning goes a long way.

You can reduce the emotional toll on your family by preparing for a funeral ahead of time. If you need help setting up final arrangements, contact us today to speak with a professional.

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