How to Raise Money for a Funeral: The Basics Explained

Monday, November 13, 2023

No one wants to pay for a funeral. The average funeral in Pennsylvania costs close to $8,000. While some decedents leave their families enough money to cover the costs, others die struggling with money.

If you've been given the responsibility of planning a funeral, you might feel lost or confused. How do people pay this cost every day? Who knows how to raise money for a funeral?

We know. We'll walk you through the common ways people start raising money and how to get the most out of the money you raise. Read this before you plan a funeral.

How to Raise Money for a Funeral

How you raise money for a funeral can depend on how sudden the death is. When someone has a long-term illness, you may want to start saving money for a funeral ahead of time. Sometimes, though, you have no choice but to rapidly raise money.

People choose dozens of different ways to commemorate the lives of their loved ones and raise money for their funerals. 

Memorabilia Sales

One common fundraising approach involves the creation of memorabilia of the decedent. Photo books, T-shirts, and challenge coins commemorating the life of your loved one can all encourage people to help with funeral costs.

These work best when they have a sense of natural connection to the life the decedent lived. While photo books of your loved one will always provide a clear memento of a life lived, a T-shirt may not make the right connection if the decedent's sense of style didn't include them. If your loved one was fussy about coffee, a commemorative mug could be the perfect fundraising option.

Spend some time comparison shopping. You don't want to overspend since the goal of the fundraiser remains to make money.

Online Donations

Crowdfunding platforms and websites have long been the option of choice for those looking to defray funeral expenses. Guestbooks and Facebook memorials with a donation link can make it easy for people to assist you and your loved one.

Charity Activities

Charity activities like walk-a-thons, potlucks, and tree plantings can bring people together in their grief and help raise funds at the same time. Putting all your eggs in this basket won't always work out, though.

Treat these as much like a wake as a fundraiser and maintain reasonable expectations. In a time of grief, though, this sort of gathering can help those who would otherwise claim they "don't do funerals" achieve some closure.

Common Unexpected Expenses

While the average funeral costs about $8,000, these costs don't include flowers or a grave marker. Headstone costs start at about $1,000 and can climb depending on how ornate the marker is. Flower costs vary based on the season and the flowers and will require research.

Pennies for the Ferryman

If you have worries about how to raise money for a funeral, you're not alone. We hope you've come upon this article while making plans for the distant future.

We've been in the funerary business for four generations. If you need help with interment services, cremation, or memorials, reach out to us.

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