Tips for Choosing Beautiful and Unique Headstone Designs

Monday, December 18, 2023

As you help a loved one with end-of-life care, you may assist with choosing unique headstone designs.

Headstones memorialize the lives of friends and family members, giving you (and future generations) a place to pay tribute. A headstone should be unique to the person, representing their wishes for inscription and design.

In this post, you'll be introduced to various headstone ideas and inscription tips to share with your loved ones or for your own use.

What to Consider When Selecting Unique Headstone Designs

When you visit a cemetery or memorial park, you'll notice many different headstone designs.

For example, some lay flat on the ground while others feature more elaborate erected burial monuments. Some memorials may have built-in vases so that loved ones may leave flowers. Military burial sites may have holders for placing flags.

Are you the primary caretaker? Your first step is to consult the loved one who's in the process of planning end-of-life care. Create a checklist of their preferred (stone) materials, location, and headstone designs.

Cost is an important factor to consider during this process. The more elaborate the design, the costlier the headstone. Some stone types may be more expensive than others.

Let's take a closer look at designs and headstone inscription ideas:

Types of Headstone Designs and Stones

At this stage, you'll want to consult a funeral home to assist with decision-making. A professional can walk you through all the designs and engraving styles available. Plus, you can take home a price list to help with budgeting.

While there are several types of memorial designs, most generally fall into one of these five categories:

  • Flat 
  • Upright
  • Wing
  • Slant
  • Bench

After choosing the headstone type, you'll select a style. For example, if you choose an upright headstone, you'll have your choice of multiple "tops." Tops may come in serpentine, rooftop, round corners, oval, and flat tops.

You'll also need to choose headstone dimensions. For upright headstones, these may range between 18x24 to 24x18 to even larger. Expect the base stone to be bigger, as well.

Flat-style headstones may come in smaller sizes than upright stones. This may also create more space if you're planning on burying all members from a particular family line in one site.

Talk to your headstone service about different stone materials. Granite is the most popular. However, marble is still available, as well as bronze.

Choosing Headstone Inscriptions

Take your time to choose (or write) a memorial inscription that encapsulates the personality of your loved one and their meaning in your life.

First, take note of your headstone's (or grave marker's) size to gauge room. Depending on the dimension, you may even have room for a small poem or a special quote. You may want to consider including your loved one's profession or passion, like teaching or art.

Think about including such information as years, family titles (i.e., mother, sister, etc.), birthplaces, and residences.

Talk to a Funeral and Headstone Service

These are just a few unique headstone designs to discuss with your loved one, caretaker, or family. Don't forget to consult your local funeral home for even more headstone ideas.

Are you ready to choose a headstone?

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