Important Differences Between a Celebration of Life vs Funeral Service

Monday, January 15, 2024

Funerals, as we know them, have long been regarded as somber affairs. However, there's a growing trend towards glorifying life and honoring the unique qualities that define our loved ones.

The funeral of designer Vernest Moore exemplified this shift. In a departure from traditional funeral customs, his loved ones gathered to showcase his impeccable fashion creations, granting him one final tribute. Although an extraordinary event, it beautifully showcases the remarkable variety of funeral arrangements.

In this blog, we delve into the essential differences between a celebration of life vs funeral service, helping you understand how each can offer solace and meaningful remembrance.

Celebration of Life

A celebration of life is a joyful gathering that focuses on the deceased's accomplishments. Unlike a traditional funeral service, it's more casual, allowing for creative elements and personal touches.

For example, instead of somber attire, guests may be encouraged to wear colorful clothing that reflects the vibrant personality of the departed. You could even choose a themed celebration representing their interests, such as a beach party for someone who valued the ocean or a garden-themed event for a nature enthusiast.

Instead of an orthodox eulogy, the celebrants may choose what to say or share stories written by family members who knew the deceased well. Music is also more lively at these events, and food that the deceased enjoyed is often served.

If the gatherings of departed loved ones are filled with laughter, a celebration of life may be the perfect choice. Just be sure to consider the wishes of all the family members, as some may prefer traditional elements to be added to the service.

Funeral Service

traditional funeral service is a more eloquent gathering that follows an earnest structure. It typically involves religious or cultural rituals.

The atmosphere is more subdued, reflecting the grief and loss experienced by those attending. The music, if any, is low and reflective. Also, to mirror the mood of this occasion, the dress code will usually call for black, blue, or grey colors.

A funeral venue is usually a place of worship, such as a church or temple. Some cemeteries also have funeral services available. Funeral flower arrangements tend to be at the venue as well.

While a funeral service may seem too formal, it still offers an opportunity to bring calmness to the family. For instance, readings from religious texts, hymns, or eulogies delivered by friends can help those in attendance find solace.

Choosing Celebration of Life vs Funeral

A celebration of life is an option for those who want a more uplifting way to memorialize their loved one. In contrast, a funeral service is slow-paced and traditional, focusing on hymns and eulogies.

Remember that there's no right choice in navigating between a celebration of life vs funeral service. What matters most is creating an authentic farewell that honors your loved one's memory.

If you need guidance in planning a funeral, call Schumacher & Benner Funeral Home and Crematorium. We'll help you craft a service that showcases a life well lived in the most personalized and appropriate way possible.

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