Ash Storage: Should You Entomb Cremains Into a Jar?

Monday, January 29, 2024

In the USA, around 2.4 million funerals happen each year.

In the journey of mourning, your choice of memorial holds significant value. Cremation jars have emerged as a contemporary alternative to traditional cremation urns, offering unique benefits and personalization options.

This article delves into the reasons why selecting a cremation jar for ash storage can be a fitting tribute to a cherished memory.

Read on to learn more about why you should entomb cremains into a jar.

Personalization: Reflecting Unique Lives

Cremation jars are a highly personalized testament to your deceased loved one. Unlike conventional urns, they offer a broader canvas for artistic expression.

For instance, a cremation jar could be adorned with hand-painted scenes or symbols that were significant to the person. The texture of the clay can be manipulated to create a tactile experience, perhaps mirroring a beloved landscape.

Or, you could incorporate elements that evoke a sense of their favorite pastime or hobby. The shape of the jar itself can even be tailored.

Affordability and Accessibility

Cost is a practical consideration in memorial decisions. Cremation jars may present a more affordable option when compared to traditional urns. Unlike urns, which often utilize expensive metals or stones, jars are made from a broader range of materials.

This can include more cost-effective options like ceramics, glass, or even biodegradable materials. This offers a solution for every budget without compromising the dignity or aesthetic value of the memorial.

Versatility in Display and Memorialization

Cremation jars are not only functional. They are also versatile in their display potential. Their design diversity allows them to blend seamlessly into home decor, serving as a subtle yet poignant reminder of loved ones.

This versatility extends to outdoor memorials. Many jars are designed to withstand the elements. This creates a unique and lasting tribute to the memory of your loved one.

Jar Burial: A Sustainable Choice

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, cremation jars offer eco-friendly options. Many are made from biodegradable materials. This ensures a minimal ecological footprint.

This aligns with the growing desire for sustainable choices in all aspects of life, including memorials. It's an especially touching gesture if the person was passionate about sustainability. 

Embracing Modern Trends

As societal attitudes towards memorial services evolve, cremation jars align with contemporary preferences. They represent a shift towards more personalized, less traditional forms of remembrance, resonating with modern sensibilities.

Why Entomb Cremains Into a Jar?

The growing preference to entomb cremains into a jar reflects a contemporary inclination towards memorial services that are not just about honoring the dead but also about personalizing the experience of remembrance.

It's a trend that speaks to the evolving nature of grief, memory, and respect, adapting to the needs and values of a changing world.

Here at Schumacher and Benner, we are on hand to help you create a beautiful funeral for your loved one. Our team is here to guide you as you navigate this difficult time. Explore our services today to see how we can help.

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