5 Tips for Writing a Eulogy for Mom

Monday, March 4, 2024

For those who have never had a loved one pass away, it can be surprising to realize just how many things have to happen after the death. You'll have to think about logistics, gathering the family, and making funeral plans. It can seem very overwhelming at first.

Especially when it's someone very close to you, like your mom, but not all of the tasks have to be difficult. Some can even help you cope with the loss. 

Writing a eulogy for your mom can be one of those therapeutic tasks. Check out these tips to help you get a great final result. 

1. Plan Ahead as Much as Possible

The first key to successfully writing a eulogy for a family member is to give yourself enough time. It's an essential piece to the funeral, so you don't want to save it for the last second. 

As soon as you get your assignment, start coming up with eulogy ideas. This brainstorming session will help get you started on the right foot. 

2. Decide on a Tone

During your initial brainstorming session, decide on a tone for the eulogy. You'll want to decide if you want a formal or casual feel. This will help you make all your other decisions as well. It's the guiding foundation that will make sure the whole eulogy flows. 

3. Share Significant Life Events

A typical eulogy template shares the loved one's major life events. This will include things about their childhood, education, family dynamics, and employment history. 

The chronological order makes it easier to put things together. But it also makes it interesting for those listening who didn't know your loved one at each stage of life. 

4. Make It More Personal 

As you're writing the eulogy, be sure you're not only sharing major life events. Adding in some personal stories will create a more personal touch. 

This is where you can share everything you love about your mom. Think about what made them special; those are the things you'll want to share. 

5. Read It Out Loud 

Once you've gotten to a place where you think your eulogy is complete, it's a good idea to read it out loud. Not only will this help you make sure it's the right length for the funeral, but it also helps in the editing. You'll be able to hear awkward or incorrect sentences much easier. 

Everything to Know about Writing a Eulogy for Your Mom 

Writing a eulogy for your mom doesn't have to be a terrible, stressful experience. Following these tips can make your mom's eulogy a beautiful way to remember her life. 

Working with a helpful funeral home can simplify the entire process for you and your family. The experts can help guide you through each step until you've planned and executed a fitting service.

At Schumacher and Benner, we understand what a difficult time this can be. And that's why we offer such valuable services to help you have a much easier time. Get in touch with any questions you may have! 

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