The Dos and Don'ts of Planning a Traditional Funeral

Monday, March 18, 2024

Death can be a sensitive topic for most, which is why we tend to avoid planning funerals. Unfortunately, when death comes, it doesn't wait for a plan. Consider reading this article if you or a loved one is nearing the end.

We will discuss the dos and don'ts of planning a traditional funeral. This way, when the day does come, it can be a celebration of life and not chaos.

What Is a Traditional Funeral?

There are many types of funerals, but the three main ones are traditional cremation or direct burial. Today, we will discuss a traditional burial and what it entails. To start, a traditional funeral has a viewing or visitation window.

This is mainly reserved for immediate family. This is done to ensure a private goodbye before the formal funeral service.

The service is typically held in a church, home, or at the funeral home. Once the formal service is over, the body must be transported to the cemetery for burial. 

Don't Add Untraditional Themes 

The purpose of a traditional funeral is to celebrate life and honor the person's last wishes. It's important to respect their requests, such as playing a video of them or playing certain types of music.

However, if you're considering adding something new to the service, it's best to consider whether it aligns with the wishes and values of the honored person.

Also, consider how others may feel during this time of mourning. Overall, avoid any unnecessary talking points or games.

Don't Go Over Budget

It may go without saying, but planning a funeral takes time and money. For some families, these resources may not be available to them.

Always consider your budget when planning a funeral. Don't stray away from the original plan and budget.

This means picking the appropriate casket and any other additions like flowers. Doing so will save you from getting overwhelmed or ending up in funeral debt

Do: Plan Ahead

As we discussed earlier, it can be challenging to plan a funeral. However, doing so will save you stress, which will allow you to grieve and seek counseling. Studies have shown that not seeking counseling can lead to Prolonged Grief Disorder.

Unfortunately, many families may not be able to seek counseling because they're busy planning a funeral. So, planning will create a smoother transition for you and your loved ones.

Do: Hire a Traditional Funeral Director

Most funeral directors are knowledgeable about various types of funerals. However, some may not have complete expertise on a traditional funeral.

For example, some directors may know more about sea burials or cremations. Therefore, hiring a funeral director like Schumacher & Benner, who have more experience with traditional funerals, is important. This way, you can ensure your loved one's last wish gets honored correctly.

One Last Goodbye

Planning a traditional funeral can be very difficult. Hopefully, this article has given you the information so you know what to do and what not to do.

In this time of sadness and grief, we want to lend a hand and offer our services. Visit our website or call us today so we can help you say your last goodbyes.

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