Ways to Personalize Your Ash Scattering Ceremony

Monday, June 3, 2024

 If your loved one desires cremation, they are not alone. Cremations continue to rise in the United States as a popular form of burial. There are many benefits to cremation, including cost, longevity of remains, and environmental factors.

One key feature that is unique to cremation is an ash scattering ceremony. Although some people may want their remains kept in urns, many others want their ashes scattered by their friends and family.

So, how do you plan an ash scattering ceremony? Here is a brief guide so you can give your deceased loved one a proper send-off.

Pick an Important Location

If your loved one specified a location in their funeral plans, you must honor the request. However, sometimes there can be snags in the plan, such as legality or lack of availability.

Sometimes they don't leave any instructions at all. In this case, it is up to you to decide on a location, such as scattering ashes at sea.

You can also split the ashes up and scatter them at multiple locations. Some people want their ashes in many different places that are important to them.

You also do not have to scatter all of the ashes at a certain place. Many people split the ashes and use some of them for creative keepsakes such as memorial jewelry.

Add Personal Elements

Personalizing the ash scattering ceremony will bring a sense of closure and help you feel close to your deceased loved one.

Play some music they love or create a theme with their favorite color. Don't just go with a template agenda that has no personal touches.

If you plan to also have a service, you can display items that were important to your loved one, or even a photo collection.

Include Eulogies

Eulogies are a great way to share stories and memories of the deceased. They can help those grieving remember the good times and not focus on the loss.

Pick a few people who were close to the deceased to do eulogies. Remember, ask if they are comfortable first. You shouldn't force anyone to speak if they do not want to.

Invite Loved Ones

Finally, it is important to ensure all of those who cared about the deceased are there for the ash scattering ceremony. Funerals are a time to put aside petty differences and unite from a common loss.

Find ways for guests to participate, even if they aren't personally scattering ashes. For example, make a remembrance book or have guests help plant a memorial tree.

Plan a Beautiful Ash Scattering Ceremony

You don't have to be intimidated planning an ash scattering ceremony for your loved one. With this guide, you can put together something stunning that will properly honor their memory.

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