Cremation Options

Your loved one never leaves our care. That's because we have a private on-site crematory. There's no doubt with Schumacher & Benner. Our trained, professional Funeral Directors handle everything.

When a family member needs our services, we strive to make every detail as personalized as possible. We're known and respected for that. We make sure your loved one is honored and remembered in a thoughtful, personal way.

The number of people choosing cremation has increased significantly in the past few years, Contrary to what some people believe, cremation does not limit choices, but, in fact, traditional or contemporary services are often planned before or after the cremation process. Services followed by or prior to cremation may be a Life Celebration tailored to your loved one's life journey or may be the same as a traditional funeral service. Whatever your wishes may be, we will listen carefully and will work closely with you to assist you in following your wishes to create an appropriate Life Celebration of your loved one's life that can be elaborate or simple and traditional or contemporary.

Personalized Services

At Schumacher & Benner Funeral Home & Crematory, we encourage families to create very personalized services. It is important to acknowledge that a life that has been lived and to offer to the community a way in which to celebrate that life. By offering services, memorialization features that are personal and special, a unique life can be remembered and honored in an individualized way that is comforting to the family and friends.

Memorialization Options for Cremation

  • Outdoor Niches – The cremated remains of your loved ones may be safely held in one of our many above ground columbarium niches.

  • Scattering– Your loved one's remains may be scattered freely within a dedicated, natural environment.

  • Traditional Burial– In ground burial on a family plot – Urns may be buried at the head or foot of a grave site.

  • Personalized Memorialization – Inscribe your family member's name and a special saying on a special memorial. We also have custom, unique urns and keepsakes, perfect for displaying inside your home.